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Two Words: Rag Balls


Dear Ann, In this season of gratefulness, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve wished for a knitting group, and how funny it is that when it finally arrived (like a pony from the sky), it was a sewing circle. A bunch of women I didn’t know a few years ago.  We are the unofficial New York City branch of the Alabama Chanin Sewing Society and Fan Club. Sometimes I knit at sewing circle. If the mutual support (aka gossip) is flying,...

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

Whatever You Do, Don't Look Down - 1

Dear Kay, One of the hazards of our philosophy of covering our entire houses with knitting is that sometimes, it can be a haunting sort of thing. For example. Every morning I wake up, and as I brush my teeth I invariably look down and see: The Tailgate Rag Rug, the one that appears in our book. Three years into its life, I can happily report that it has held up sturdily through a number of washings–air dried, mind you, no machine dryer...

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The Liberation of Rag Balls! Freedom!

The Liberation of Rag Balls! Freedom! - 1

Dear Kay, Motoring along on the Tailgate Rug, 2008 edition. I’m so hooked on this thing that I am lugging around two cones of Peaches n Creme double worsted–as if they were PORTABLE or something. My blue rag balls are holding up well, though I’m a little concerned that there’s a little too much cobalt in the dark blue. But not concerned enough to do anything about it. It’s a rug, right? So I’m flipping...

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