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Helping the Philippines


  Dear Ann, Lots of knitters are concerned about the disaster and suffering in the Philippines.  Here are some ways to help. The best way, of course, is to contribute cash to reliable organizations that are in a position to be of immediate help.  Our friends at Mercy Corps have people on the ground, working with local organizations as they always do, and there are many other great organizations. But there are also people we already...

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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement - 1

Dear Ann and everybody, There has been a rushing gush of newly-completed Mitered Crosses Blanket FOs over on Ravelry.com lately. People are finishing them by the score, and they are stunning. There are faithful replications of the original, by those who doggedly sought out Noro Silk Garden #269 (a shade that currently resides on the other side of the river Styx of discontinued colorways, but will be taking the ferry back to life in early...

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Two Trips to Arnold’s, Many Squares, and Happy Endings

Two Trips to Arnold's, Many Squares, and Happy Endings - 1

Dear Kay, The fellas talked me into going to Arnold’s Country Kitchen for the second day in a row to celebrate the end of school. When Clif reminded me that Friday is chicken and dumpling day, well, he didn’t have to ask twice. Arnold’s is a meat-and-three on Eighth Avenue, and it is a crossroads for Nashville. You see all sorts of people, but at some point, everybody is united by the need to take a deep breath and groan....

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License to Miter

License to Miter - 1

Dear Ann, Hey guess what? A yarn store/cafe in beautiful Brooklyn kindly asked me to teach a workshop on the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern. I have not been to La Casita yet, but I love it already because (a) it is a “yarn shop and wine bar” and (b) it is the only yarn store in the world that didn’t get the memo that a yarn store name has to include the word yarn, knitting, wool, loop, purl, stitch or ewe. Radical! Space is...

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Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch.

Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence. Garter Stitch. - 1

Dear Ann, Balto is one of the most beloved statues in Central Park. Balto was the lead dog of the last of several teams of mushers and sled dogs who relayed diptheria antitoxin to save children in Nome, Alaska, in the winter of 1925. They made the journey with desperate speed and in appalling weather. The story of Balto is here. (I like the part about how “the serum was packed in a cylinder, wrapped in an insulating quilt, and then...

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Yay (It Ain’t Sew)

Yay (It Ain't Sew) - 1

Dear Ann, Riding high on the early-morning reverse jet lag energy, I’m (over)excited to be joining the Mitered Crosses Blanket sample. If you have ever sewn up a bunch of knitted squares into a blanket (and I know you have), you understand. I am a decent hand at sewing up. I know my way around mattress stitch, and I am not ashamed of my whip stitch, neither. It’s just so much more fun, for a knitter, to knit things together...

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