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The Finishing of Fern

The Finishing of Fern - 1

Dear Kay, In case you haven’t been keeping track (you always keep track, dontcha?), today is the first Official Turn-in Day at the Tennessee State Fair. The good news is that I have something to turn in. Fern is finished. Done. Mercifully done. Utterly done. Beyond done. Super Done! Let’s Go to the Videotape When last we visited this subject, I was still shaking with fatigue after weaving in all the ends. Embroidering the...

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The Best of All Possible Worlds

The Best of All Possible Worlds - 1

Dear Kay, There is Huge Huge Huge fambly news: The Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law have had a baby! Friday afternoon! Their first! Molly. Her name is Molly. We have a Molly in the fambly now. This is the sort of excellent news that makes a person want to hop a plane to LA to meet her. We’re leaving in a minute to do just that. I tell you this a) because there is no better news than news of a baby. And b) Molly is who I’ve been...

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Amber Alert: Don’t Say I Haven’t Been Warned

Amber Alert: Don't Say I Haven't Been Warned - 1

Dear Kay, You know, I get alarming Comments every once in a while–a reminder that my penis isn’t large enough, or a note from supernaughty girls who want to meet me (which is so friendly of them, really), or the suggestion that I ought to be playing more online poker. But sometimes, a Comment goes beyond the usual anxieties. Look at this missive from Amber: Ann. I didn’t even bother to vote in your dang blogpoll about the...

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Vertigo, Psycho, You Name It

Vertigo, Psycho, You Name It - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I’m home! The doors shut so plumbly, the hot water comes in less than ten minutes, the giant slugs bigger than my thumb are nowhere to be seen. Keep Manhattan–just give me the suburban Nashville lifestyle, dahlink. So much to tell! State Fair Let’s review the State Fair Knitting situation. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that this is taking so long. Other, nobler knitters have cranked Kiris and Taros and...

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The Fern Goes On. Plus: A Spectacular Screw-Up

The Fern Goes On. Plus: A Spectacular Screw-Up - 1

Dear Kay, Who knew there were so many fellow queasy knitters out there? The Pepto-Bismol is working, and so is the commiseration, y’all. Queasiness shared is queasiness halved–and doubled, come to think of it. Thanks too for all the great suggestions for Fern, my entry in the Tennessee State Fair. I’ve taken them all to heart except for anything having to do with intarsia, intarsia, or intarsia. I’m sorry, but I’m...

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Fern: The Art of, Um, Process

Fern: The Art of, Um, Process - 1

Dear Kay, We’re friends, right? I show you the crummy knitting, you get all supportive and pretend it hasn’t been blocked, right? We’re all about process, yes? Well, here’s some process for you–the swatch I mentioned yesterday, my first ponderings about my Tennessee State Fair entry. So much to be humble about here. Yarn. I try out all the yarns to see how they knit up, a mix of Rowan Donegal Lambswool and Alice...

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