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Blankets on a Hill

Dear Ann, Tuesday night’s knitting party (erm, “class”) in Nashville was so dang fun. One sweet moment for me was when Yolanda showed me an album of photos that Liz Thomas had taken of log cabin blankets that Yolanda had made for her three little boys in Kentucky. I begged her to get me a link so I could share them. Warning: These photos may cause a viewer to cast on a log cabin blanket. Or produce a a darling little boy. ...

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Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern)

Last-Minute Schmatta (Free Pattern) - 1

Dear Ann, Here’s a free pattern for holiday gifting and December TV-watching. This is not rocket-science knitting. This is git-r-done while watching a movie on Netflix knitting. But every civilian who sees it wants one, so I think that makes it a good Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Thank You For Teaching My Kid gift. It’s called Schmatta, which in yiddish means “rag.” To me it does not have a connotation of abject...

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A Great Blanket, Now That I Remember It

A Great Blanket, Now That I Remember It - 1

Dear Kay, You write of this blanket pattern, this Fussy Cuts Blanket pattern. So haunting, like a faded memory from the past. Hold on–I remember it now! How could I forget making a 36-square-foot blanket? Maybe it’s because I finished the thing and incredibly stuck it into the mail to a complete stranger. For those just joining us (where have you been?), Fussy Cuts is our blanket pattern that appears in the new and lush Craft...

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Fussy Pup

Dear Ann, I haven’t even STARTED yet with photos of this blanket. Gale sent me this behind-the-scenes slideshow of our Fussy Cuts Blanket (found on page 90 of Gale’s brand-new, crispy and delicious book, Craft Activism: People, Ideas, and Projects From the Community of Handmade And How You Can Join In I dare you not to squee. Strong men will watch this and squee like girls at a Taylor Swift concert. CraftActivism: Fussy Cuts QC...

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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement - 1

Dear Ann and everybody, There has been a rushing gush of newly-completed Mitered Crosses Blanket FOs over on Ravelry.com lately. People are finishing them by the score, and they are stunning. There are faithful replications of the original, by those who doggedly sought out Noro Silk Garden #269 (a shade that currently resides on the other side of the river Styx of discontinued colorways, but will be taking the ferry back to life in early...

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Two Trips to Arnold’s, Many Squares, and Happy Endings

Two Trips to Arnold's, Many Squares, and Happy Endings - 1

Dear Kay, The fellas talked me into going to Arnold’s Country Kitchen for the second day in a row to celebrate the end of school. When Clif reminded me that Friday is chicken and dumpling day, well, he didn’t have to ask twice. Arnold’s is a meat-and-three on Eighth Avenue, and it is a crossroads for Nashville. You see all sorts of people, but at some point, everybody is united by the need to take a deep breath and groan....

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