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Marvelosity! - 1

Dear Kay, I had a bad moment with the right front of this Pearl cardigan: increasing, decreasing, cabling all in one row. Forgot to increase. Reknit. Forgot to decrease while fixing the increases. Reknit. Forgot to cable when I was fixing the decreases, then the increases–ah, whatever. Three strikes is my rule: if I make three screwups in a row, I ditch out for a while. But I got me mojo back, so I’m looking forward to the relative...

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Too much!

Too much! - 1

Dear Kay, I seem to have COMPLETED THE SIGNIFICANT KNITTING PORTION of my Margaret sweater. Do realize what I had to do to get this photo? Do you know how hard it is to block a piece of knitting that is essentially THE WHOLE THING? I’ve had BLANKETS that are easier to deal with than this thing–once I spread out the accordianlike skirty part, it just kept spreading, and spreading, to the point that it would probably keep spreading,...

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Skirting the Issue

Skirting the Issue - 1

Dear Kay, Well, I know you never thought it would happen, that I’d lose my mojo and veer off into spinning or animal husbandry, but I’m here to tell you: I finished the skirt for this Margaret sweater. I cannot be stopped. I’m a maniac. You’d have to be a maniac to get this thing done. Mania is helpful in a project like this. The beauty of this beskirted sweatercoatjacketthingy is that the bottom part swells out in a...

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