A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Summery Snippets

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Dear Ann, I’m heading off-blog for a few days. Ann: I’m leaving you in charge. No parties. More than two friends is a party. Lisa Downstairs is there if you need anything. (She’s also keeping an eye out, if you know what I’m saying.) (What I’m saying is: no parties.) But before I go, a few summery snippets, as we welcome the season of peaches and sand. YARN THE MOVIE Has everybody been sending you links to the movie...

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A Mother’s Plea: We Need to Act


Dear Kay, I’m in Monteagle now, a day and a world away from the busy weekend running around the knitting trade show in Washington. It’s hot and hazy here in Tennessee, and I’ve got a lot in my head to unpack, even as I unpack my little suitcase that I crammed full of yarn yesterday when I left the trade show. The despicable attack in Orlando bounces around in my head like a bullet. I think about my teenage son, just back from a weekend...

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Truly Scrumptious: A Giveaway

4 - Embargoed until 19th May - Essie 3

Dear Ann: Like many good giveaways, this one started with one of us seeing something smashing on the Internet and purring and cooing about it until the skies opened, the angels winked at us and a fantastic giveaway prize floated down into our lap. A few weeks ago I saw Ella Austin’s Venn cowl on Instagram. I mean, look at it: so imaginative. It looks like a mental tune-up to knit, and a beautiful thing to wear. Venn is one of nine...

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Lazy Sunday: Two Yarn Movies to Watch

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Dear Kay, First we had Yarny, a creature made out of red yarn—the star of Unravel, the video game that I wrote about not long ago. Now, My Scottish Friend Matt, who finds cool things often, sends along an animation by Ainslie Henderson, a Scottish singer/songwriter/maker of short films. I can’t even believe there are two movies with wound-up characters like these. This one won a British Animation Award recently, and the jury citation...

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Snippets: Peaceful Things to See


Dear Kay, A quick look at some peaceful things. Thousands of Glass Flowers, Spiffed Up I had the chance to see the famous glass flowers collection at Harvard last fall, not long before it closed for renovation. It was a dim place, with murky lighting over wooden cases. It had that feel of a museum that had lost its benefactor. Still, the plants were glorious. They’re made of glass, from the 19th century mostly. There are 4,300 of...

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(Nearly Finished) Object Lesson


Dear Ann, Sometimes I ignore a rule for so long that I don’t even remember whether it’s a rule anymore, as I would imagine an astronaut living on a space station starts to wonder whether gravity was really that big of a deal. One thing that I know to be true is that if a knitter is faithful to a project, and knits on it daily, that project gets done. Even if it is a very big project, and the knitter is a medium to slow knitter, the...

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