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A Mother’s Plea: We Need to Act


Dear Kay, I’m in Monteagle now, a day and a world away from the busy weekend running around the knitting trade show in Washington. It’s hot and hazy here in Tennessee, and I’ve got a lot in my head to unpack, even as I unpack my little suitcase that I crammed full of yarn yesterday when I left the trade show. The despicable attack in Orlando bounces around in my head like a bullet. I think about my teenage son, just back from a weekend...

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Middle Aged? Or Midcentury Modern?


Dear Kay, Here, for your Saturday edification, is “The M Word,” a post from about a decade ago. I have to laugh. In this post, I lost my composure over being called middle aged—back when I was 43. Ah, youth! The post does include a quote from Paul Newman that I love even more, ten years later: “I’m not vain and insecure like many of my fellow actors and actresses. Quite frankly, I like the way I look. I’m not jumping on the...

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Vegetarian Silk and Other Conundrums


Dear Kay, In search of a  palate cleanser, I dug out a Work in Progress that has been marinating at least two years. In the process, I ended up going down a silkworm wormhole. This cowl started with a hand-dyed silk yarn I bought a while back on a trip. I also had a hard little ball of leftover Hand Maiden Sea Silk that needed a destiny. I made up the pattern, which is basically to *knit 7 roundss in Main Color, knit 1 round Contrast...

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Dear friends, Hi there! Howdy! Hi! Back in February, the date of our most recent post, we were going to be RIGHT BACK. Any minute. It never occurred to us that we weren’t blogging until we started to hear questions about our health, our deportation to a distant land, a spectacular bi-regional blogging blowup. What happened? We’ve blogged through everything in our lives since 2003. So what made 2015 different? We don’t know,...

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Dip, Hang, Repeat

Dear Ann, Last Sunday I spent a glorious day at French General’s indigo dyeing workshop in a 19th century building at the South Street Seaport. (19th-Century turns out to mean “very badly lit,” but intrepid dyers were not deterred.) All I can say is, here are some photos of heaven in a 5-gallon bucket.   The background music: vinyl.  There is no digital in indigo. Our leader, Kaari Meng, a tower of indigo power, at the...

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Dries Van Noten, My Hero


Dear Kay, I know you know I have a profound love of Dries Van Noten, the Antwerp clothing designer. My budget does not allow me to indulge this love on a regular basis. But the great thing about the Internet is that one can easily, freely and by freely I mean FREE-ly, indulge in every single moment of this genius’s work. I cannot get enough. His fashion shows are my favorite reality show. I put them on my calendar. They are...

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