We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Welcome to Our New World


Dear friends, As you can see, we have redesigned the blog. We humbly present: the blog of the future, here today. A blog for the 21st century! What’s new? Basically: everything. And nothing. Here are the innovations to note. Comments. This, more than anything else, is the thing we wanted to fix. This is what started us on a six-month odyssey of migrating ten years of stuff into a new design. Until today, your Comments have been a long,...

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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake - 1

Dear Kay, I have 29 rows left to go on my Donegal sleeve. GROAN! Love, Ann PS In cheerfuller news, I wanted to show you my new sofa, which is the suburban matron’s midlife crisis as expressed via upholstery. Its main function is as a display zone for my favorite thing you ever gave me, years ago. (Please keep trying to top this gift, but honestly I don’t think you can.) This is a Richard Saja altered toile pillow. I can’t...

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Golden Globes Tidbits

Golden Globes Tidbits - 1

Dear Kay, My favorite local clotheshorse Taylor Swift was wearing a shade of Donna Karan eggplant that shall live on forever in my memory. Aubergine! Yes! Cathy Horyn at the NYT (google this!) was complaining that the women looked vulnerable and trapped in their gowns. Whatever! It’s the RED CARPET! This is what these women do, and they’re not idiots. Kristen Stewart takes off her shoes mid-premiere. I think most actors are game for...

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What I Knitted Yesterday

What I Knitted Yesterday - 1

Dear Kay, Clif came down with a fever on the afternoon of Christmas, not a huge one but enough that he had the pale look of a Dickensian street urchin. I was sorry for him but ready to hunker down with the rituals of the flu: thermometer, fluids, pillowcases, meds, and most of all, my boy. Yesterday, he woke up feeling worse than the day before, so I spent the day sitting upwind from him in the den as he burrowed into the sofa, an endless...

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Gallery of Household Mysteries. Plus: Finished Objects

Gallery of Household Mysteries. Plus: Finished Objects - 1

Dear Kay, Now that the end of summer is seriously upon us, I can’t really fake it anymore regarding the condition of the house. This morning, on the way to the kitchen in search of decent 9 a.m. light for photographing my handknits, I passed by these objects. That last, lingering tote bag from hell, or some trip, or something. I can’t remember one single thing that is in there. This nonfunctioning microwave oven, still lying in...

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Undelivered Handknit

Undelivered Handknit - 1

Dear everyone, Thank you all for checking in, wondering where we have been these past couple of weeks. Kay has blasted off on a mission to the land of Liberty prints, pet rabbits named Iman, and much-needed fun. I am so dead jealous that I surf hotel listings in London. Kay, I am there with you on your travels. (You can see what Kay’s seeing in her Twitter feed down in the right-hand column below.) As for me, I’ve been on a mission...

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