Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

Gallery of Household Mysteries. Plus: Finished Objects

Gallery of Household Mysteries. Plus: Finished Objects - 1

Dear Kay, Now that the end of summer is seriously upon us, I can’t really fake it anymore regarding the condition of the house. This morning, on the way to the kitchen in search of decent 9 a.m. light for photographing my handknits, I passed by these objects. That last, lingering tote bag from hell, or some trip, or something. I can’t remember one single thing that is in there. This nonfunctioning microwave oven, still lying in...

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Undelivered Handknit

Undelivered Handknit - 1

Dear everyone, Thank you all for checking in, wondering where we have been these past couple of weeks. Kay has blasted off on a mission to the land of Liberty prints, pet rabbits named Iman, and much-needed fun. I am so dead jealous that I surf hotel listings in London. Kay, I am there with you on your travels. (You can see what Kay’s seeing in her Twitter feed down in the right-hand column below.) As for me, I’ve been on a mission...

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Tyler Speaks!

Tyler Speaks! - 1

Dear Kay, Just wanted to share yesterday’s NPR interview with one of my favorite writers, Anne Tyler. (My friend Joe sent this along–at this point, Joe functions as an oracle, because he will send me a link that dovetails with something I’m thinking about. It’s downright eerie.) Anne Tyler writes novels set in Baltimore. She has been doing this for almost fifty years. She is a publicist’s nightmare–or dream,...

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Solid-Gold Midwinter Survival Tips

Solid-Gold Midwinter Survival Tips - 1

Dear Kay, As the bleak midwinter descends, I’d like to share some solid-gold survival tips that get me through. Tip No. 1: Humidity. Go to the drugstore, past the bunion aids and the section known as Digestion, and set yourself up with one of those cheapass steam humidifiers. I know you’re going to resist this, but listen: once you’ve had a few nights of sleep with your SteamMaster 2000 filling your room with tropical air,...

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Sweetest Baby in a Small Sweater

Sweetest Baby in a Small Sweater - 1

Dear Kay, Please join me in welcoming small Woodie to the world of hand knits. My first grandniece dutifully models the teeny cardigan she got from Great-Aunt Ann. To be clear: while I would like to claim that her proximity to a cotton sweater would bring on this sort of unbridled joy, the fact is that this is possibly the happiest baby in the world. She’s like this pretty much all the time. And she sleeps. She is...

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Brenda’s Blizzard of Snowflakes

Brenda's Blizzard of Snowflakes - 1

Dear Kay, Snowflakes snowflakes snowflakes. That’s what I’m thinking about. A couple of weeks ago, cruel, merciless Erin tweeted about crocheted snowflakes. Her Tweet sent me into an instant nostalgia spin about the crocheted snowflakes of my youth that my mom found long ago at a Christmas bazaar at Cheekwood. I have exactly one of those snowflakes left, a dumpy and misshapen one which is the fate of treasured Christmas ornaments, I...

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