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Snippets: Gathering the Flock

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Dear Ann, What is happening in our country? These are such sad, troubled days. I can’t stand to just yap on about knitting as if there is nothing wrong. Something is very wrong. I don’t have any answers. I’m trying to maintain hope, listen, and demand investigation and action from those in power. (Photo by Gale Zucker.) My preplanned snippet for today helps lift my spirits. Our longtime friend and collaborator, photographer...

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A Food Blog to Love: Judy’s Chickens

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Dear Kay, We’re sixteen days from Thanksgiving glory—a world of time to put some thought into your Thanksgiving strategy. Everything seems possible. Brine a turkey? Deep fry it? Stuff it with a duck inside a chicken? BRING IT ON. To aid in your dreamy dreams, I’d like to point you to Judy’s Chickens, a blog that this very day celebrates its first anniversary. Our friend Judy Wright dazzles us on a regular basis. She has...

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Free Period


Dear Ann, Yesterday I took the day off and drove north, hugging the Hudson River. I spent a sunny 66-degree afternoon sitting, walking, and talking with Melanie Falick. To speak of Melanie is to gush about the many books she has written, edited, inspired and championed, about knitting and other fiber arts. Thankfully, although Melanie left Abrams Books earlier this year, she continues to edit extraordinary books. She is expanding and exploring,...

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Remembering Belinda Boaden


Dear Ann, This is a hard post. This past summer, our dear friend Belinda Boaden, known to many knitters as True Brit Knits, died after a short and tough struggle against cancer. She was 46. You and I were together, at Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee, when we got the terrible news; we had been dreading it for a few days.  Being together was a good thing, and had a resonance to it, since our long friendship with Belinda came about because of the...

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More Thread Love

Dear Ann, I have been sitting here half the evening YouTubing up sad songs suggested in the comments. Whoa. There are a lot of sad songs out there. We may need to put together a Programme of Sad YouTubes and watch them together, while sipping absinthe and keening.  We will call this event, “Tuesday.” I have also activated the Random Drawer and can report that we have our 3 winners, and I have sent them all emails. (Congratulations,...

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Eye Candy: Don’t Click This Link


Dear Ann, A quick note to share a wonderful Tumblr with you and our readers. Warning: if you go to this Tumblr, you may be a while. It’s addictive. It’s wonderful. I want to get on a plane and fly to Santiago, Chile, to meet its proprietress, Mercedes Galarce aka Meme Galarce.  I follow her on Twitter. I follow her on Instagram. I haunt her Etsy shop. The reason: I love her eye. She loves what I love. And if I didn’t know...

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