Many, many antique socks. They look so . . . antique.

Gone to India and Nepal

Dear Kay, Hannah is spending a year in northern India, working for Operation Smile. She’s keeping a blog here. Maddie is in Nepal for three months. She’s writing about it here. These are two young women I have watched grow up, and now that they’re 18, they seem so much wiser that I’ll ever be. (And calmer than their parents about blasting off for the other side of the world, that’s for sure!) Just wanted to share...

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The Sister Projeck

The Sister Projeck - 1

Dear Kay, It’s a funny idea for a website, The Sister Project. At first glance, it seems so particular, so specific. But it’s about sisters the way some knitting blogs aren’t really all that much about knitting . . . The zookeepers of this place, Margaret Roach and her sister (of course) Marion Roach Smith, have created a place with plenty of room for good humor, serious reflection, and a bit of the absurd. It’s pretty...

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Twist and Shout

Dear Ann, Hey, guess what! The winter edition of Twist Collective is up! It’s so beautiful I can hardly believe it. The Problem Ladies are in it, blabbing away to the trusting souls who sent us questions in the good-faith belief that we would not make fun of them or give them goofy aliases. (Wrong! ...

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The Never Ending Quest For Adorable Drawings of Our Heads

The Never Ending Quest For Adorable Drawings of Our Heads - 1

Dear Ann, We have been keeping this secret for so long. I don’t know about you, but I was about to bust. At long last, Twist Collective, a brand-new online knitting magazine, is live with its very first issue. I am so excited about where this new voice in the knitting community is going to take us, visually, knittingly, and every other way. And we’re in it! Blabbing away as our alter egos, the Problem Ladies, who are not only...

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R Is for Ravelry

Dear Kay, Have you ever been in a hotel for, say, a sock-making workshop, while there’s a wedding going on in the next ballroom? You see the sign for “Wedding Reception: Newport Ballroom” and you can’t resist poking your head in to see what’s up. When you open the door, you are hit with a wall of people and a ton of sound and a great band and a beautiful bride and a handsome groom and what surely must be the biggest...

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