We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

From Folly Cove: Reader Giveaway


Dear Ann, We mentioned a week ago that we’ve been collecting wonderful things to give away, mostly beautiful books and beautiful yarn. Time’s a-wasting! Let the giving-away begin. From Folly Cove, by Julia Farwell-Clay, is a collection of knitwear inspired by the textiles of the Folly Cove Designers, who were organized by author Virginia Lee Burton. The patterns include a long jacket, pullovers, a dress, a stole and a shawl, all...

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What Shawl I Knit?


Dear Ann, The results are in. In the last 48 hours, I’ve looked at a large, rich assortment of  beautiful shawls to knit for my young friend’s wedding. (Note: not necessarily to be worn at the wedding, but in honor of the occasion.)  It was an awesome group curation project.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to dig a link for me.  You are the wind beneath my wings, and the chains on my spinning tires. The shawl I will be...

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More Thread Love

Dear Ann, I have been sitting here half the evening YouTubing up sad songs suggested in the comments. Whoa. There are a lot of sad songs out there. We may need to put together a Programme of Sad YouTubes and watch them together, while sipping absinthe and keening.  We will call this event, “Tuesday.” I have also activated the Random Drawer and can report that we have our 3 winners, and I have sent them all emails. (Congratulations,...

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Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting


Dear Kay, It’s publication day for Knitting Yarns: Writers on Knitting! I have an essay in there, “What Are You Making?” It feels like six years ago that I sent that essay in. What a nice surprise to see it turn up all tidy and done. I am trying to identify the yarns on the cover but can’t. Especially stymied by that brown one with the weird twist to it. I’ve just started to read these stories—I had a galley this...

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A Knitting Reality Show: Survivor for the Rest of Us

A Knitting Reality Show: Survivor for the Rest of Us - 1

Dear Kay, Well, here it is: the thing we have been waiting for, dreaming about, training for, all these years: a hardcore, high-stakes, full-on knitting reality show. The Fiber Factor. This is going to be great. It will be happening completely online, with a dozen contestants battling it out for the grand prize: a trip to Germany and a tour of the Addi knitting needle factory. AHHHHH! I HAVE NEVER TOURED A KNITTING NEEDLE FACTORY. It’s...

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Pop-up Contest: Win a Year of The New Yorker

Pop-up Contest: Win a Year of The New Yorker - 1

Dear Kay, Quick! Insta-contest! Time sensitive! The New Yorker–yes, The New Yorker–just emailed me. Yes, me. If I renew my subscription now, I can give a free year-long subscription to ANYBODY I WANT. I love finding The New Yorker in my mailbox. It’s not the same to read it online. It makes me really happy to think that somebody out there will get it in their mailbox, too. Leave a comment with your favorite New Yorker writer,...

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