Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again.

Giveaway! Heirloom Chevron Blanket Kit


Dear Kay, It’s safe to say that we like a blanket. The blanket radar is on at all times. You never know when a great blanket pattern is going to come along and knock you out. We took a peek at this, and our blanket radar erupted. Dead ahead: awesome blanket. This is the Heirloom Chevron Throw. It combines all the things we love: heirlooms, chevrons, and throws. It’s a garter stitch lovefest. The thing is, you take a look at...

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Deluxe Adorna: A Cashmere Giveaway


Dear Ann, Our experience at TNNA in San Diego had many delights. We revisited favorite yarns and updated ourselves on new colors, fibers, methods and madness. TNNA 2016 was different from TNNA 2006: for one thing, I don’t remember there being any breed-specific yarns in 2006. And I don’t remember that cashmere was a thing in 2006. In 2016, cashmere is definitely a thing. One of the most fun moments of our San Diego voyage was popping...

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Teach Some Kids to Knit: a Book and Yarn Giveaway


Dear Ann: It’s Giveaway Day today. First up: announcing the winner of the Mama Needs a New Cowl contest from last week. I spent so much time looking at that #kaycowl hashtag on Instagram. There were more than 90 suggestions for cowl patterns that might rival the Honey Cowl in my affections. 90! After a fair amount of shilly-shallying, I picked:   Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis.  @Francesgiff, come on down! (I contacted her via...

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Giveaway: Kermis Cardigan by Anna Maltz


Dear Ann, This past summer I got an email from Cate Carter-Evans, the owner of Infinite Twist, a Shanghai-based yarn company that produces handspun yarns made by rural and migrant women in China, as well as hand-dyed mill-spun yarns. I did not know Cate, but I do know Anna Maltz.  (Pictured above.) You and I first encountered Anna on the Internet, through her work on the innovative Ricefield Collective project and also her exuberant handknit...

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Giveaway: Noro Lace book, plus Noro Itself


Dear Ann, I adore Noro’s self-striping, colorful yarns. I return to Noro Silk Garden, in particular, time after time. It can be tricky to use these yarns in garments, I find. You have to wrestle with existential questions such as whether you are the kind of person who needs the sleeves on a cardigan to match, or at least rhyme, or whether you are ok with a pair of socks or mitts being “fraternal” instead of identical. The fun...

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Reader Giveaway: The Modern Natural Dyer


Dear Ann, Isn’t it wonderful how the deeper we go into knitting, the more we enjoy the process (as opposed to just the products) of knitting, and the more processes we add on to that process? Most of us start out knitting yarn from a ball that we found on the shelf of a store.  Over time, we start to wonder about that ball of yarn. What is the fiber? Where is it from? How is it spun? Can we spin it ourselves? How is it dyed? Can we dye it...

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