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You May Be a Winner: Enter Now!

You May Be a Winner: Enter Now! - 1

Dear Kay, and potential Mitered Crosses Blanket Makers of the World, I GOT LUCKY! I mean, I WON SOMETHING. Last week I was down at lush ‘n’ lovely Bliss Yarns, foraging for Silk Garden and generally glad to see everybody there. They were having a contest where you guess the number of M & Ms in a sizeable jar. I did my Supersecret Trick* for estimating small things that are put into large containers, and BINGO: See? I won! How...

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Our Alter Egos Are Having a Contest

Our Alter Egos Are Having a Contest - 1

Dear Ann, At this point I’m having difficulty keeping our alter egos straight. There’s Big Edie and Little Edie, of course. (Which sounds so much nicer than Old Edie and Young Edie, doesn’t it? It doesn’t?) And there’s those presumed-tranny country singers. (Gosh, I miss them! It’s hard to believe they had the same makeup person as Big Edie and Little Edie.) But there’s also the Problem Ladies!...

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Learning to Crawl

Learning to Crawl - 1

Dear Ann, The big news up here is that the very first New York City Yarn Crawl is coming up this weekend, October 9-12, Friday through Monday. We have a Fambly Double Whammy this weekend–a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah occurring simultaneously (luckily they are brother and sister, so the simu-davening will be occurring at one convenient location)–so my personal Crawling Time will be somewhat limited. I am determined, though, to hit...

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Love Means Having a Contest

Love Means Having a Contest - 1

Dear Ann, Adding to the oddness of life, lately, is the sound of your voice and my voice coming out of my computer, reading our audiobook. Are you finding this weird, or is it just me? We sound so wholesome! We sound like we never ever wever cuss, or yell at our children. (I know you don’t yell at your children–that’s MY super power–but I have heard you cuss, Missy! Ironic cussing is still cussing! You can call it...

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Free Yarn with Purchase! Am I Dreaming?

Free Yarn with Purchase! Am I Dreaming? - 1

Dear Kay, I don’t know if our audio publisher Kathy Goldner has lost her everlovin’ mind, but I just learned that Knitting Out Loud is giving away free yarn with every order. See? Over there in the right column? This dementedly delicious offer runs now through September 12th. The variety of knitting-related audiobooks is really choice, so move fast. Before Kathy gets her wits...

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And the Yarn Goes To . . .

And the Yarn Goes To . . . - 1

Dear Kay, Thanks to everyone who came by to watch the Oscars with us. I feel like we completed some sort of Outward Bound experience: grueling, with tedious/terrifying moments throughout. I hope everybody has had a good time reviewing all the post-Oscar fashion roundups. Never mind the gowns: up top there is my pick for Best Shoe, Anne Hathaway’s divine heels. (Did you know there’s a website called Celebrity Shoe Size? Worrisome in...

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