Pop-up Contest: Win a Year of The New Yorker

Pop-up Contest: Win a Year of The New Yorker - 1

Dear Kay, Quick! Insta-contest! Time sensitive! The New Yorker–yes, The New Yorker–just emailed me. Yes, me. If I renew my subscription now, I can give a free year-long subscription to ANYBODY I WANT. I love finding The New Yorker in my mailbox. It’s not the same to read it online. It makes me really happy to think that somebody out there will get it in their mailbox, too. Leave a comment with your favorite New Yorker writer,...

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Our Best Contest Prize Now!

Our Best Contest Prize Now! - 1

Dear Ann, You know how I feel about blankets. By my lights, there are not enough knitted blanket patterns in the world. In a world of endless designs for knitted apparel, most designers devote scant attention to the humble blanket. A shining exception, and hero of mine, is Debbie Abrahams. I have followed her work for years. Debbie’s blankets are intricate patchwork adventures. Where my own blankets tend to beat a bone-simple idea...

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Innit to Winnit

Innit to Winnit - 1

Dear Ann, I gotta say, I want this thing pretty bad. Ann, I hate to dilute a raffle pool in which I am entered. I just hate it. But we would be remiss in our blogging obligations, and our karma would go all cattywompus, if we did not share the opportunity to buy a raffle ticket for this hand-made, handknit, hand-embroidered, sweater-felted, and fully-backed blankety masterpiece made by Cristina and other talented supporters of the Waldorf...

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Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds of April

Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds of April - 1

Dear Kay, We have a winner in our And-I-Shall-Have-Some-Peace-There Best-Gardening-Tip Contest. I have to say that I am totally knocked out by all those gardening tips. Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas. If you haven’t had a chance, go take a look, because the advice ranges from the practical (eggshells, coffee grounds, banana peels, teabags, newspaper) to the profound (hire somebody). In fact, our winner, Lisa H., who posted on...

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You May Be a Winner: Enter Now!

You May Be a Winner: Enter Now! - 1

Dear Kay, and potential Mitered Crosses Blanket Makers of the World, I GOT LUCKY! I mean, I WON SOMETHING. Last week I was down at lush ‘n’ lovely Bliss Yarns, foraging for Silk Garden and generally glad to see everybody there. They were having a contest where you guess the number of M & Ms in a sizeable jar. I did my Supersecret Trick* for estimating small things that are put into large containers, and BINGO: See? I won! How...

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Our Alter Egos Are Having a Contest

Our Alter Egos Are Having a Contest - 1

Dear Ann, At this point I’m having difficulty keeping our alter egos straight. There’s Big Edie and Little Edie, of course. (Which sounds so much nicer than Old Edie and Young Edie, doesn’t it? It doesn’t?) And there’s those presumed-tranny country singers. (Gosh, I miss them! It’s hard to believe they had the same makeup person as Big Edie and Little Edie.) But there’s also the Problem Ladies!...

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