If you’re looking for a baby-steps way into lopapeysa knitting, the wee Gilipeysa is literally a baby sweater, and the cutest thing going.

Knitting-Free Handknit Holidays


Dear Ann, [Is this thing on? I can’t find the cupholder. Where is the Jack White button?] I love to knit. You know that. I know that. Most of the people reading this love to knit. But there is an aspect of knitting we don’t talk about much, which is The Specific Stuff We Don’t Like to Knit In Spite of Our Love of Knitting Generally. I think we don’t talk about it because we would quickly get into arguments about why a...

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Come On In Or Smile As You Pass

Come On In Or Smile As You Pass - 1

Dear Ann, Saturday afternoon seems like a fine time to stick my head up and say hi. The thing about not blogging for a long time is that you lose the habit. You stop blogging in your head. What scared me into action, though, was when I noticed that I was becoming able to pass cute, funny and/or touching things (or even all three at the same time) and not take a picture. Case in point: can you ba-leeeeeeve that I almost passed the United...

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Tea Party in Afghanistan!

Tea Party in Afghanistan! - 1

Dear Kay, Go ahead and settle in with a cup of tea, because I’ve got the best little video clip to show you. Remember the shawl-knitting you did last summer for Afghans for Afghans? The good folks at A4A put out the call for shawls that would be appropriate for the women of Afghanistan, and by golly, the knitters responded. Your shawl was great, a Rowanspun/Noro combo with a little ruffle, but I have to say, I remember it especially...

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Upcoming Excitement: The Amazing Race

Upcoming Excitement: The Amazing Race - 1

Dear Kay, United at last! Just had to share this postcard from Laura of Afghans for Afghans, a peek into the basement sorting room of Afghans for Afghans. The sweaters we made for the fall campaign will get seats next to each other on the trip to Afghanistan. A4A volunteers Laura, Betty, and Ty are waving the gold medals of Ravelympic victory over our sweaters, despite the fact that my sweater crossed the finish line just before the start of...

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Friday Snipsnaps and Tidbits

Friday Snipsnaps and Tidbits - 1

Dear Kay, Anybody who’s kept a blog for any length of time starts taking pictures of stuff just because it needs to be shared with the world. Here’s an heirloom tomato MRI. It was delicious. Stunning Olympic Discovery of the Day Kay, I just found out something shocking: the Chinese Olympic Committee has been using a cuter, prettier version of me to blog the Olympics. I feel so cheated! I thought I was writing all this stuff! Michael...

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Ma’am Who’s Knitting

Ma'am Who's Knitting - 1

Dear Ann, Oh for Pete’s sake! “How do I knit so fast?” The truth: I don’t knit all that fast. I am an old-school thrower, still knitting the way I learned in Camp Fire Girls when I was 11 years old. (To my fellow Camp Fire alums, a hearty Wohelo to ya!) I throw so slow it’s like a rope trick. Each stitch is an event. For me, the secret to fruitful multiplication of knitwear is not speed, but focus. When,...

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