Let the Fireworks Begin

Let the Fireworks Begin - 1

Dear Kay, Holy crapoley, the Ravelympics started TWO HOURS AGO and I haven’t even got my yarn out! I haven’t wound it. I haven’t swatched it. I barely even know what I’m using. Wait for meeeeee! I thought the Ravelympics started when the TV coverage on NBC started–you know, I measure everything in my life by what time it starts ON TV, not in real life . . . I won’t start until I see that Parade of Nations...

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Ravelympics Finish Line

Ravelympics Finish Line - 1

Dear Ann, When I send something off to Afghans for Afghans, I sometimes hear that someone saw my thing “in the Basement.” I try to imagine this Basement, stacked with cardboard boxes and tender woolly handknits. I wonder, sometimes, if The Basement is something that was made up to enhance the mystique–already considerable–of sending something to A4A. Today I have evidence that The Basement is real. Authentic basement...

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Team Afghans for Afghans! Join Today

Team Afghans for Afghans! Join Today - 1

Dear Kay, You know how much I love the Olympics, right? You know how I wept when Jim McKay died in June. I loved that guy, man. He’s the one who gave me my start in armchair athletics, back when I had my little black-and-white Sony TV that I would put on my stomach and watch in bed until I fell asleep and it slid onto the floor. (I have to pause here to consider the fact that my mother gave me a TV for my eleventh birthday. GOD BLESS...

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Pre-Upholstery-Knitting Deck Clearing

Pre-Upholstery-Knitting Deck Clearing - 1

Dear Ann, This is not Carrie’s usual running-for-the-day-camp-bus attire. It’s a shawl for Afghans for Afghans’ campaign to send 500 shawls to new mothers in Afghanistan. Recipe: Cast on 318 stitches in blue yarn (Rowanspun DK). Work 9 garter ridges. Now work 18-row stripes of Noro Silk Garden Light and the Rowanspun, alternating between stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch. (Here, 4 stripes of the Noro and 3 of the...

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There’s a Story Here

There's a Story Here - 1

Dear Ann, Knowing your eBay habits as intimately as I unfortunately do, I probably don’t need to tell you to check out this auction. But I bet you’re wondering: WHA? Didn’t somebody already win that afghan? Well, yes, somebody did. Back in February, the name that came out of the hat to win the raffle to benefit Oliver’s Fund was a Ms. Joan Hamer, who had sent in many squares. After I posted her name, I started to...

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You May Already Be a Wiener

You May Already Be a Wiener - 1

Dear Ann, I have News. The American Blanket raffle drawing has taken place, and Michaela has graciously allowed me to notify the world (and the winner) of the winner. ***JOAN HAMER*** of ***MANCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA***, come on down! Joan, I have your address, but please email me to confirm. I’m askeert to give this labor-of-many-hands to the United States Postal Service without at least double-checking the address. This past weekend, I...

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