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You May Already Be a Wiener

You May Already Be a Wiener - 1

Dear Ann, I have News. The American Blanket raffle drawing has taken place, and Michaela has graciously allowed me to notify the world (and the winner) of the winner. ***JOAN HAMER*** of ***MANCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA***, come on down! Joan, I have your address, but please email me to confirm. I’m askeert to give this labor-of-many-hands to the United States Postal Service without at least double-checking the address. This past weekend, I...

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Day Of Destiny Approaches

Day Of Destiny Approaches - 1

Dear Ann, I have been in contact with the United Nations High Commission for Blanket Raffles, which has declared that all is in readiness to raffle American Blanket No. 1. Those aspiring to own this patchwork salute to Kaffe Fassett and the Ancient Art of the ZigZag should buy their tickets by noon (New York time) on Saturday. The drawing will be held later in the weekend, and the winner will be notified and announced on Monday or Tuesday....

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Internal Blanket

Internal Blanket - 1

Dear Ann, Help! I’m i-cording and I can’t get up! The borders are on, both inner and outer. Every seam is sewed. Every end is wove. The perimeter of the blanket is 76 squares around. I am i-cording at a rate of 4-5 SPH. (Squares per hour.) The specific hour is between 11 and 12 when I’m exercising my rights as an informed citizen, keeping up with current events. (I.e., watching A Daily Show and The Colbert...

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Fete Accompli

Fete Accompli - 1

Dear Ann, You missed out on a real old timey sew-up hootenanny Monday night. So sorry! I will try to convey a flavah of the evening. You know that I prefer to avoid hyperbole and overstatement of any kind. But dang it, there was magic in the air. For example: The Beasts of the...

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Here We Come a-Blanketing

Here We Come a-Blanketing - 1

Dear Ann, As I face my personal Moment of Gift-Knitting Truth (I’m on Teacher 3 of 4; will I make it, or should I go shopping STAT?), I’m also packing a shopping bag with PLO SUUs (pre-laid-out sew-up units) for tonight’s sew-up party. We’ll be whipstitching our little hearts out from 4 until at least 8 at the ever welcoming city of knitting: Knitty City, 208 West 79th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam. You...

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