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Lazy Sunday: Airplane Edition

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Dear Ann, I’m still in Ohio, soaking up the Buckeye State goodness. Had my first Jeni’s in-store experience yesterday, in Chagrin Falls. It was transcendent. Related: need more elastic in my mom-capris. Here’s a confession: I generally don’t watch movies when I travel by plane, even on long flights. The headphone cords get tangled up in my yarn, and somehow I just am not interested. I get in the zone on my knitting, or...

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The News Out of Nashville Is Good


Dear Kay, Where to begin? I’ve got two bits of news that are nothing but good. No. 1: Sheep A flock of 30 sheep arrived Wednesday at Fort Negley, a Civil War historical site here in Nashville. Within two minutes, they were chowhounding a mess of invasive plants, properly into it. They’ll be there for a week, eating themselves silly while tidying up the overgrown parts of the park. These hard-grazing sheep are the Nashville Chew...

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Snippets: Gathering the Flock

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Dear Ann, What is happening in our country? These are such sad, troubled days. I can’t stand to just yap on about knitting as if there is nothing wrong. Something is very wrong. I don’t have any answers. I’m trying to maintain hope, listen, and demand investigation and action from those in power. (Photo by Gale Zucker.) My preplanned snippet for today helps lift my spirits. Our longtime friend and collaborator, photographer...

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Snippets: Can We All Just Go to a Go Go?

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Dear Kay, As we head into the Fourth of July, I submit that we all need to GET DOWN. With a big dose of Motor City awesomeness. On this long weekend, the only cure is a giant Motown playlist. It goes and goes and goes, and you know all the words. If you don’t feel like fooling with Spotify, try this: a totally incredible Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, “Going to a Go Go,” which is where we should all be going. I adore this...

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Summery Snippets

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Dear Ann, I’m heading off-blog for a few days. Ann: I’m leaving you in charge. No parties. More than two friends is a party. Lisa Downstairs is there if you need anything. (She’s also keeping an eye out, if you know what I’m saying.) (What I’m saying is: no parties.) But before I go, a few summery snippets, as we welcome the season of peaches and sand. YARN THE MOVIE Has everybody been sending you links to the movie...

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A Mother’s Plea: We Need to Act


Dear Kay, I’m in Monteagle now, a day and a world away from the busy weekend running around the knitting trade show in Washington. It’s hot and hazy here in Tennessee, and I’ve got a lot in my head to unpack, even as I unpack my little suitcase that I crammed full of yarn yesterday when I left the trade show. The despicable attack in Orlando bounces around in my head like a bullet. I think about my teenage son, just back from a weekend...

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