Snippets: Links of Love


Dear Ann, Big weekend for me: a long drive to Ohio to see The Firstborn in her new habitat. If only I had some freshly finished knitwear for her to model! Must. Knit. Faster. I do hope to enjoy enough passenger time to get my Monomania pretty close to finished. I just started Stripe 6. Guess what begins on Stripe 6: armhole shaping. The drama! Before I throw the sack of Trader Joe’s snacks in the trunk and head west on I-80, a few...

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Free Period


Dear Ann, Yesterday I took the day off and drove north, hugging the Hudson River. I spent a sunny 66-degree afternoon sitting, walking, and talking with Melanie Falick. To speak of Melanie is to gush about the many books she has written, edited, inspired and championed, about knitting and other fiber arts. Thankfully, although Melanie left Abrams Books earlier this year, she continues to edit extraordinary books. She is expanding and exploring,...

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Giveaway: Noro Lace book, plus Noro Itself


Dear Ann, I adore Noro’s self-striping, colorful yarns. I return to Noro Silk Garden, in particular, time after time. It can be tricky to use these yarns in garments, I find. You have to wrestle with existential questions such as whether you are the kind of person who needs the sleeves on a cardigan to match, or at least rhyme, or whether you are ok with a pair of socks or mitts being “fraternal” instead of identical. The fun...

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Lazy Sunday: The Theme is M


Dear Ann, I could use a truly lazy Sunday, but Lisa Downstairs has raised the prospect of venturing up to the New York Botanical Garden for the last day of the Frida Kahlo exhibit.  Driving or otherwise getting around town on Marathon Sunday is not a recipe for a day of indolence, though, so maybe I’ll cry off. Frida Kahlo, though–a powerful pull. Aside from Frida, here’s what’s on for Sunday: To Knit I’m making...

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Snippets: Really Great Things


Dear Kay, A giant high-five to Karen Templer of Fringe Association and Fringe Supply Co. for orchestrating Slow Fashion October, a brilliant, month-long exploration of fashion, clothing, and why we wear what we wear. To mark the end of this extraordinary month, here’s a short film that will really get you thinking: How India Recasts the Clothes the West Throws Away. You may think this is a tough topic, and it is, but I was fascinated by...

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Remembering Belinda Boaden


Dear Ann, This is a hard post. This past summer, our dear friend Belinda Boaden, known to many knitters as True Brit Knits, died after a short and tough struggle against cancer. She was 46. You and I were together, at Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee, when we got the terrible news; we had been dreading it for a few days.  Being together was a good thing, and had a resonance to it, since our long friendship with Belinda came about because of the...

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