Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again.

Giveaway: Pop Twizzle


Dear Ann, Not that I’m sitting by my mailbox or anything, but I am. The suspense is killing me. I know that dear Doris in New Hampshire has mailed my French Mustard Shade 363; she kindly sent me the tracking number. I also know that she mailed it to the wrong address. The wrong address that I gave her, when I mistyped the number of the building I have lived in for 12 years. (I blame the adrenalin of my hunt for French Mustard Shade 363,...

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Giveaway: Ten Batches of Lorna’s Laces Mini Skeins

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.03.05 PM

Dear everybody, Well, Beth Casey and the gang at Lorna’s Laces sure know how to work a theme. We humbly present a giveaway of Lorna’s Laces String Quintets, sets of five 105-yard superwash wool mini skeins with colorways named for just about every instrument imaginable except the Kazoo and the Musical Saw. There is something irresistible about a mini skein. The commitment is minimal, the payoff instant. This is a superspecial deluxe...

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1967 Style Mates: Easter Edition


Dear Ann, You really do have to check the serial number on your new/old 1967 Singer Style-Mate 348.  It is possible that it rolled off the assembly line right around the time the two of us were posing in our Easter finery with the then-available siblings. (At my house, we were still waiting on That 70s Sibling, Van. We are still waiting on Van, quite often. High-five, other siblings! Classic Van burn!) Here’s wishing everyone who...

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The Ghost in the Machine


Dear Kay, On Friday, I was due for lunch with my friend Carrington. On a number of occasions we have aimed for lunch but instead hit yard sales, which in Nashville are a never-ending opportunity to contemplate the arc of life, the human compulsion to collect pointless crap, and to negotiate the price of something from $1 to a quarter. This time, we ate one granola bar and hit four sales in 90 minutes. It was high-density work. Every single...

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Giveaway: Spring Is Upon Us

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 2.48.50 PM

Dear Kay, Here’s a hope-filled contest for you: a giveaway featuring a beloved springtime yarn, Euroflax linen, and a light and airy pattern from the light and airy Anna Maltz. Anna writes about her Sceles pattern: “I devised the stitch especially for it (inspired by the greatest summer triangle—the ice cream cone): clusters formed by passing stitches over both ways keep in check linen’s tendency to drop and the crisp...

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Lazy Sunday: Two Worlds of Mothering

owl mama

Dear Kay, On my mind these days: mothering. Yesterday, I was given links to two videos, and I share them here because I can’t stop thinking about them. The mothering going on in these videos is epic, inspiring, and at the same time so simple, so unadorned and humble. Video Number One A live webcam streaming from Savannah, Georgia. It’s a great horned owl in her nest, tending to her week-old owlets. The dad brings a rat every now...

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