Reader Giveaway: The Modern Natural Dyer


Dear Ann, Isn’t it wonderful how the deeper we go into knitting, the more we enjoy the process (as opposed to just the products) of knitting, and the more processes we add on to that process? Most of us start out knitting yarn from a ball that we found on the shelf of a store.  Over time, we start to wonder about that ball of yarn. What is the fiber? Where is it from? How is it spun? Can we spin it ourselves? How is it dyed? Can we dye it...

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Snippets: Things We Are Loving a Lot


Dear Kay, Hats for Syrian Refugees: Lots of hats are being knitted that will find their way to Munich, where many refugees have landed. Designer Laura Nelkin’s Ravelry group is very active in this effort, has two shipments already in the pipeline with hundreds of hats. (These are her hats below.) We all know that a hat is one of the quickest knits, so grab a skein of something warm and add to the pile. Details on how to participate are...

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From Folly Cove: Reader Giveaway


Dear Ann, We mentioned a week ago that we’ve been collecting wonderful things to give away, mostly beautiful books and beautiful yarn. Time’s a-wasting! Let the giving-away begin. From Folly Cove, by Julia Farwell-Clay, is a collection of knitwear inspired by the textiles of the Folly Cove Designers, who were organized by author Virginia Lee Burton. The patterns include a long jacket, pullovers, a dress, a stole and a shawl, all...

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Dear friends, Hi there! Howdy! Hi! Back in February, the date of our most recent post, we were going to be RIGHT BACK. Any minute. It never occurred to us that we weren’t blogging until we started to hear questions about our health, our deportation to a distant land, a spectacular bi-regional blogging blowup. What happened? We’ve blogged through everything in our lives since 2003. So what made 2015 different? We don’t know,...

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Dip, Hang, Repeat

Dear Ann, Last Sunday I spent a glorious day at French General’s indigo dyeing workshop in a 19th century building at the South Street Seaport. (19th-Century turns out to mean “very badly lit,” but intrepid dyers were not deterred.) All I can say is, here are some photos of heaven in a 5-gallon bucket.   The background music: vinyl.  There is no digital in indigo. Our leader, Kaari Meng, a tower of indigo power, at the...

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