A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Lazy Sunday: Picking & Grinning


Dear Kay, For your amusement while knitting on this lazy Sunday, I’d like to share a podcast interview that Bloomberg did recently with Hubbo. Sometimes I find it hard to explain exactly how it is that a guy like Jon has a dual personality as mild-mannered investment guy by day, in off hours a twang-heavy singer named Merle Hazard, specializing in songs about financial topics. This podcast is the first time I’ve heard Batman and...

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Snippets: Golden Nuggets Edition


Dear Kay, Things are pretty busy at the moment, which means that I am having an excellent time procrastinating by sifting the Internet for gold. When the going gets tough, the tough get going . . . and read . . . blogs. Nuggets I have found: Tom Deijnen, mender extraordinaire, provides a look at one of my favorite subgenres of stitchery, the mending and darning sampler. Dianna Walla writes the excellent Paper Tiger blog, and she designs...

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Vegetarian Silk and Other Conundrums


Dear Kay, In search of a  palate cleanser, I dug out a Work in Progress that has been marinating at least two years. In the process, I ended up going down a silkworm wormhole. This cowl started with a hand-dyed silk yarn I bought a while back on a trip. I also had a hard little ball of leftover Hand Maiden Sea Silk that needed a destiny. I made up the pattern, which is basically to *knit 7 rows in Main Color, knit 1 row Contrast Color,...

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Earth Day Beautifulness Mood Board for Knitters


Dear Kay, In honor of Earth Day, here’s a ramble through my yard. This has been the greenest spring in the history of Nashville. Surely. A match for Jill Draper’s Rifton, in the colorway Spring. Which I happen to be knitting right now. The magnolia buds are as hard as hand grenades. Moss growing on lichens. The honeysuckle in the warm sun. The hellebores haven’t given up. The hostas. Roses. Mahonia. Some flowers are...

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An Open Letter to Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Dear Julia, We just learned that you are a lapsed knitter. In the New York Times the other day, you talked with Dave Itzkoff, who is probably not a knitter. In particular, this got our attention: Do you have ambitions outside of acting? I’d like to become a better knitter. There was a period of time where I was knitting hats a lot, and I would like to get back to that. I found it really relaxing. My co-blogette Kay and I understand this....

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Giveaway: Pop Twizzle


Dear Ann, Not that I’m sitting by my mailbox or anything, but I am. The suspense is killing me. I know that dear Doris in New Hampshire has mailed my French Mustard Shade 363; she kindly sent me the tracking number. I also know that she mailed it to the wrong address. The wrong address that I gave her, when I mistyped the number of the building I have lived in for 12 years. (I blame the adrenalin of my hunt for French Mustard Shade 363,...

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