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Wreathed in Glory

Wreathed in Glory - 1

Dear Ann, A super-short post to announce the winner of the drawing for the Hampstead Wreath knitted by my own fair hand. The lucky soon-to-be-adorned one is Lorajean aka KnittedWit on Ravelry. Thanks, everyone, for your generosity to Citymeals and your support of our efforts to raise funds for Hurricane Sandy relief. We’ve sold 154 patterns so far. The total donated to Citymeals is yet to be calculated but definitely exceeds $4000 at...

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Near Miss, Four Hits, and a Torcon 9 Craft Project

Near Miss, Four Hits, and a Torcon 9 Craft Project - 1

Dear Kay, Yesterday’s tornadoes apparently filled a month’s quota on tornadoes for the United States, awful in every way. We in Nashville were lucky to dodge the worst of it, though we did get a midafternoon dose of crazy that resulted in a) quality time in our basement, b) hail the size of golf balls, so remarkable that Facebook erupted in pix of amazed Nashvillian hands displaying huge pearls of the stuff, and c) such widespread...

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Craft. Work. Knit.

Craft. Work. Knit. - 1

Dear Ann, FINALLY! I’ve been dragged out of seclusion by your mention of Ann Weaver. I’ve been crushing on the designs in Ann Weaver’s recent book, Craft. Work. Knit, since someone with a good eye introduced me to them last autumn. I got my hot little hands on a copy of this self-published gem, and fell in love. It was the good kind of love. The kind that inspires you to finish up a couple of projects so you can cast on...

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A Dollar (per skein) and a Dream

Dear Ann, Sometimes when I’m having a quiet day of introspection, I get to thinking, gee, maybe I’ve knit one too many log cabin blankets? Maybe I’ve exhausted the form? (Usually, when I am having such thoughts, I am sitting there knitting on a log cabin blanket, but whatever.) Then I see something like Cathy of Ann Arbor’s version of our Buncha Squares blanket (which is itself a knitted version of Denyse...

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New Blood (Not About Vampires)

New Blood (Not About Vampires) - 1

Dear Ann, So, what I’ve been up to, craftywise: 1. It’s Red Scarf Season! My submission this year is a good, old-fashioned, 2-row stripe scarf in some exquisite hairy handspun that I was gifted years ago, and some non-exquisite, yet cheerful red tweed that fell out of the cabinet when I was looking for the exquisite stuff. After all these years, and all these scarves, I still love the Red Scarf Project. I want everyone else to love...

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Teeny Project Squirrel

Teeny Project Squirrel - 1

Dear Ann, Our friends at the magical Brooklyn General Store are sponsoring a spring contest that is sure to excite readers who fondly remember Teeny Project Runway. What’s not to love about a contest whose official rules state: “You can submit up to 3 squirrels”? See the details here. NOTE: Although it is truly unfair, taxidermy is not allowed. Console yourself with the fact that virtually all other 3D squirrel-making...

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