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A Very Late Night

A Very Late Night - 1

Dear everybody, Well, the finalists all went out last night in what started out as a UN-style celebration of how great everybody is, and everybody’s a winner, and it’s just cool they all got to meet. “That cardigan really sets off your green complexion so awesomely.” “You really don’t look much like a potato with that awesome sweater on.” “You’re so THIN! How do you stay so...

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Teeny Project Runway: Finalists!

Teeny Project Runway: Finalists! - 1

Dear everybody, Congratulations to everyone who entered Teeny Project Runway! If you read the comments from our last entry, you will see the overwhelming feeling that these 62 entries have, in the words of Tim Gunn, knocked everybody’s socks off. And in a world of knitters, that is a LOT of socks. We need hardly point out that this has exceeded our expectations in every way. Still chuckling, still puzzling, still hearing speculation about...

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Teeny Project Runway: It’s Time to Vote

Dear everybody, WELCOME TO THE RUNWAY! The teeny weeny runway, that is. We are proud, humbled, and awed to present the entries in Mason-Dixon Knitting’s Teeny Project Runway. (If you are just now joining us, here’s the story of what the heck we’re doing here. If, on the other hand, you’ve been waiting impatiently to see this slide show of garments knitted for stuffed animals, figurines, and taxidermy, well, you’re...

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Teeny Project Runway: A Contest!

Teeny Project Runway: A Contest! - 1

Dear beloved nutcase readers, Kay and I are proud to announce the first-ever Teeny Project Runway. Background I had a revelation last week during a spasm of knitting for fake chickens to decorate the cast party cake for Second Grade Puppet Show. As I sat there, frantically cooking up outfits for fake chickens, I watched Project Runway, mesmerized as ever. I realized that I had found a way to wallow in the joy of designing clothes. For teeny...

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