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Future Search: Naming Rights

Future Search: Naming Rights - 1

Dear Kay, and Volunteers, Voyeurs, and Hangers-on, First of all, we’ve received some Perfect Handknit buttons that reflect all the rainbow luv of our effort: Thanks, Crissy! Remember, everybody: if you’ve left a Comment at any point during this neverending Future Search, you are a co-designer. Whether you like it or not. It’s kind of like when you have a kid in school and discover that you are automatically a member of the...

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Perfect Sweater: Rubber Hits the Road

Dear Kay, and the Perfect Handknitterz, So distracted! I was just fixing my eyebrows. OK so my eyebrow stylist was just fixing my eyebrows. She comes by every morning to check them out and make sure I’m good to go. Really, the experience of you reading that KnitLit piece at Coliseum Books has changed my life so utterly. People have such expectations now. The phone calls, the endorsement offers. I’m off shortly for a Pepto-Bismol...

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Perfect Sweater: So Much Depends

Dear Kay, and Beloved Future Searchahs, I hope your time away from the Future Search has given you the opportunity to reflect, to think back on the sweaters of your life–oh WHATever, let’s get to the bone and gristle of this exercise: the facts. For those of you just joining us, we are currently in a wobbly orbit, attempting to land on Planet Perfect Sweater. The retro rockets aren’t firing quite right, the Astronaut Ice Cream...

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Perfect Sweater: Runoff Time!

Dear Kay, and Tout le Monde, Is it just me, or does it seem like we’re on the verge of something? At this point in the Future Search for the Perfect Handknit, I think we can all agree that we have made remarkable progress. Remember where we started? [pause for reflection] But there is one small element of the group that we need to address: the Retire to the Lounge people. I know, I know how these things work: there is always a small...

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Perfect Sweater: Lightning Round

Dear Kay, and the Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free, Here we go. We are voting on the elements of the perfect sweater, a perfect sweater, one perfect sweater–some kind of sweater, OK? We voted to have a pattern that could be either a cardigan or a pullover, so keep that in mind as you ponder the following. Please note that the crucial issue of top-down construction versus bottom-up comes after this vote, once we see what the...

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Perfect Handknit: Onward!

Perfect Handknit: Onward! - 1

Dear Kay, and the Style Council, My apologies for the delay in corresponding, but between the submarine-style blog disaster and the shocking realization that they didn’t put glasses on those cowgirls on the book cover, well. I’ve been a little shaky. I mean, we are myopic, have been myopic, and shall forevermore be myopic. The lie! The utter deceit of it all. I can hardly look at the thing. A Brief Knitting Moment Before we return to...

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