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Snippets on a Thursday? What the Cuss!


Dear Ann, So much typing we are doing! The days before the launch of our new website fly as I sit here typing and drinking tea and talking into my brand-new Bluetooth (which frees the hands for knitting but also makes me feel like I should ask if you want fries with that.)  Such is the state of our joint workload (correction: funload) that I am only very occasionally–hardly ever– roaming the Internet in search of tasty snippets. But...

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Lazy Sunday: The Light Between Stitches


Dear Ann, Later today, I’m going to the actual movies, to see The Light Between Oceans. The reviews by film critics are not exactly good. (Check out the trailer, and some entertainingly harsh reviews, at Rotten Tomatoes.) I tried to read the book for book club, but flaked out in the first chapter. Not because it wasn’t good, but I had the same problem with it that I had with Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth: you know from...

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Lazy Sunday Forecast: Gloomy with a Chance of Crotchetiness

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 5.53.18 PM

Dear Ann: Ah, Sweden. Impossibly good-looking people! Socialized medicine! Shared child care! Affordable home furnishings that are hard to put together! Open-faced sandwiches! The midnight sun! Lingonberries! Colorful yoked sweaters! A show set in Sweden must be very wholesome knittertainment, right? Nah. Forget everything you thought you knew about Sweden. Sweden is a hellscape of brutal violence and rainy weather. I know this because I am a...

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1967 Style Mates: Easter Edition


Dear Ann, You really do have to check the serial number on your new/old 1967 Singer Style-Mate 348.  It is possible that it rolled off the assembly line right around the time the two of us were posing in our Easter finery with the then-available siblings. (At my house, we were still waiting on That 70s Sibling, Van. We are still waiting on Van, quite often. High-five, other siblings! Classic Van burn!) Here’s wishing everyone who...

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Let’s Get Busy and Solve All Our Problems (It’s January)


Dear Ann, “Self-improvement” is one of the most odious phrases, isn’t it? I hate the notion that by learning something new, or changing the way we do things, we are improving ourselves, or that that is the purpose of learning or changing. We are what we are, i.e., we are good people, we are doing our best (most of the time), and we shouldn’t have to constantly strive to some ideal of perfection, or feel that our very...

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Lazy Sunday and a Retraction


Dear Ann: In yesterday’s post, I testified to the wonders of Clover Wonder Clips for setting up to set in a sleeve. In the accompanying photos, I clipped the sleeve into the armhole with right sides facing, because I was going to join the seam with back stitch, despite my regret at not being able to use mattress stitch–so clean and precise, and since it is worked from the right side, so easily corrected when it goes wrong–to...

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