Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer gives us Hamilton fever all over again. |  Coloring Book for Knitters: treat yoself.

Snippets: Links of Love


Dear Ann, Big weekend for me: a long drive to Ohio to see The Firstborn in her new habitat. If only I had some freshly finished knitwear for her to model! Must. Knit. Faster. I do hope to enjoy enough passenger time to get my Monomania pretty close to finished. I just started Stripe 6. Guess what begins on Stripe 6: armhole shaping. The drama! Before I throw the sack of Trader Joe’s snacks in the trunk and head west on I-80, a few...

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Lazy Sunday: The Theme is M


Dear Ann, I could use a truly lazy Sunday, but Lisa Downstairs has raised the prospect of venturing up to the New York Botanical Garden for the last day of the Frida Kahlo exhibit.  Driving or otherwise getting around town on Marathon Sunday is not a recipe for a day of indolence, though, so maybe I’ll cry off. Frida Kahlo, though–a powerful pull. Aside from Frida, here’s what’s on for Sunday: To Knit I’m making...

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Lighten Up: A Month of Getting Rid of Stuff


Dear Kay, Who kicked the plug out of the heater? I opened the door to take out the trash and it was SPICYcold. I think we broke ten degrees. These are glory days for us knitters; I’m wearing everything I ever made. It’s almost enough. A belated Happy New Year to everybody. The word for 2014 is LIGHTEN. In the interest of lightening, I decided to get rid of stuff around the house. I wanted to get rid of enough stuff that it felt like...

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Ask the Problem Ladies! Ask Them!

Dear Kay, It’s time for the Problem Ladies to answer another batch of knitting-related questions. If anybody has somehow incredibly missed the most recent installment of Twist Collective‘s most discursive column, here’s the Spring/Summer edition of Ask the Problem Ladies. And if anyone has a question, please leave a comment. The Problem Ladies will either answer it or, or in time-honored history test style, rattle on about the...

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Southernness: The Oxford American versus Garden & Gun–PLUS A GIVEAWAY!

Southernness: The Oxford American versus Garden & Gun--PLUS A GIVEAWAY! - 1

Dear Kay, Thanks for all the questions about the Garden & Gun magazine now currently residing in a busted window of the kitchen. You all got me thinking about that magazine, which got me to thinking about Southernness, and why it is that I feel the need to revisit the never-ending conundrum of how I can stand living in a region that so often drives me wild with frustration and irritation. I love the South! I despise it! A recent magazine...

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