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WorldWide KIP Day

WorldWide KIP Day - 1

Dear Ann, I’m usually not organized enough to remember when World Wide Knit In Public Day is. I always read about it after it’s over, and figure I do my fair share of KIPing without anybody telling me to. This year, though, it’s not just one day, but an entire 8 days of KIPing, commencing tomorrow, June 12. While it would be fun to go to one of the organized events (lots of which are listed here, it would also be a hoot if...

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Mother of the Bat

Mother of the Bat - 1

Dear Ann, Lest anyone think I’m hiding out in an AMC Pacer or something, a quick note to let you know what’s going ON up here. It’s HUGE. Here’s a hint. Here’s another. Yes, it’s Carrie’s bat mitzvah, on the horizon. For those unfamiliar with Jewish-American life cycle rituals, this is when a girl turns 13 and gets up in front of several hundred members of her congregation and does a very difficult,...

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Semi-live Blogging Cousin’s Marathon

Dear Kay, 9:50 am: Cousin Dan’s off! On my CousinMarathonTracker gizmo, it shows he made the first 5k in good time! He’s in Sunset Park, Brooklyn now. Whew. I need somebody to hand me a paper cup of orange juice. This is exhausting! 10:01: Heading into Park Slope! Almost at the Mile 6 mark. 10:13: Pickin’ up the pace . . . 10:31: Ai yi yi! He’s passed 15k. Bed-Stuy, represent! I’m thinking of driving the marathon...

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New York Marathon: Cousin Dan, on the Run

Dear Kay, I know you love the New York Marathon, because a) it takes place in your front yard, and b) you’ve run the thing, TWICE. I love it too, mostly because it’s one of those triumph-of-hope-over-reason type athletic things. People aren’t spoze to run 26 miles without stopping for coffee. Or donuts. Or a nice long nap. Sunday’s the day, folks! Get your knitting ready! This year, I’ll be watching with...

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