The Cornish Are Famous Knitsters


Dear Kay, I have fisherman sweaters on the brain—ganseys or guernseys or jerseys or Cornish knit-frocks or whatever regional name you give these sweaters made with twinelike wool, often dark blue. This yarn I’m using for my pullover has me thinking about ganseys. It’s true, English 5-ply Guernsey Wool. Made up north in Yorkshire, as in the 19th century when the textile mills were concentrated there, and marketed by a company in...

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Lazy Sunday: Don’t Call Me Ma’am


Dear Ann, How is it Sunday again already? Time for some entertainment to complement a day of knitting in slanty autumn light. MDK Archive Deep Dive Let’s get seasonal, seasonal, I wanna get seasonal: Night of the Living Dead Something Else to Read It’s Decorative Gourd Season [(pumpkin) spicy language alert] Something to Watch Prime Suspect On Hulu right now. It’s so good. So, so good. Watch Detective Chief Inspector Jane...

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From Folly Cove: Reader Giveaway


Dear Ann, We mentioned a week ago that we’ve been collecting wonderful things to give away, mostly beautiful books and beautiful yarn. Time’s a-wasting! Let the giving-away begin. From Folly Cove, by Julia Farwell-Clay, is a collection of knitwear inspired by the textiles of the Folly Cove Designers, who were organized by author Virginia Lee Burton. The patterns include a long jacket, pullovers, a dress, a stole and a shawl, all...

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Lazy Sunday: What’s On


Dear Kay, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a knitter in possession of a knitting project also wants something else to do while knitting. This week’s picks: MDK Archive Deep Dive I’m getting the Fair Isle twitch again. The words Alice Starmore have drifted back into my consciousness, as happens. If you’d like to read what happened the last time I got this jones, it’s basically a 13-episode binge...

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Knitting Aphorisms Revisited

Dear Ann, Last night was a dark night of the knitting soul. As I was doing the final (500+-stitch) rounds of Quadrature, I had to consult the pattern again to read the bit about some increases required only in the final rows of the B cables. (The B cables are the ones on the sides; the A cables are the ones on the corners. They are the same. OR SO I THOUGHT.) This was when I discovered, with a kind of handheld-camera, horror-flick terror, that I...

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She Learned to Love the Thread

Dear Ann, Breaking news:  ROSANNE CASH IS A KNITTER. Oh and also:  she has a new record coming out today. (Photo: Gael Towey.) I know that Rosanne is a knitter, because I taught her.  We met a few years ago, at a book signing for her memoir, Composed.  She wanted to learn how to knit, and asked me if I gave lessons.  I said, not really, but I’d be glad to teach you to knit.  It was one of the nicest surprises ever. We met up a...

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