We cannot stop watching Louise’s movie of her completed coloring book.  |  A Coloring Book for Knitters, here.

Lazy Sunday: Hamilton All Day Long

hamilton eyes

Dear Kay, I humbly present a very special Lazy Sunday. I have had a thing for Alexander Hamilton since at least 2004. (See “Boo Freakin’ Hoo.”) You and I even paid a visit to the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Service Plaza on the New Jersey Turnpike. Remember this? 2006! Well, last week in New York, all my Hamiltonian dreams came true when we saw the musical Hamilton. In Broadway’s knockout hip-hopera, the Founding...

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Snippets: Snowbound Edition

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.51.28 PM

Dear Kay, Dipping into the Mason-Dixon Knitting mailbag because there are treasures to share, news from all over, tidbits and knickknacks for what is a snowy, snowy day for some of us. Blanket of the Year (So Far) We are just going to wear you down until you decide to give Instagram a try. This, for example. Terhi Montonen’s blanket. Kay writes, “Terhi’s wedding gift to her sister and her husband took my breath away....

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David Bowie


Dear Ann: I traveled home today thinking about David Bowie, feeling so sad that he’s gone. I did not get to London in 2013 for the David Bowie is exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum, but I winced every time I saw someone with the tote bag. I vividly recall Belinda telling me about seeing the yellow suit that he had worn in Rolling Stone magazine. It was so slim, she said A year or two earlier, at the V & A’s British...

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Lazy Sunday: Confessions of a Band Groupie


Dear Kay, I was a groupie for a band exactly once. I wasn’t very good at whatever it is that groupies typically do—you know, the low-rent behavior, the screaming—because it wasn’t really that sort of band. I think we went to Shoney’s once and overdid on Hot Fudge Cake. Beyond that, it was pretty mild stuff. The band was The Young Nashvillians, and it was 1982. When I look at this footage of the band rehearsing in my...

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7 Kardashian-free Christmas Trees

Christmas angel band

Dear Kay, O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree! You are so very many things. Love/hate, depending on the year. Such a mirror for my mood. One year I came home from a trip (from where I can’t even recall), and Hubbo and the boys surprised me by having the tree set up. I burst into tears, because I truly had worried that I wasn’t going to muster the steam to get a tree going that year. It’s a loaded emblem, the tree. The mood this...

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New and Awesome: A Coloring Book for Knitters


Dear everyone, It’s here! Just in time for the holidays, we proudly present A Coloring Book for Knitters. Get yourself a copy here! When we started seeing coloring books being marketed as a stress-relieving pastime for adults, our first thought was: why don’t people just learn how to knit? But we see how much fun adults are having with coloring books, and we had a second thought: why aren’t there coloring books for knitters? A quick...

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