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Sunday Is for Scarves, Shrugs, Shawls & Stashbusting

Sunday is for Scarves, Shrugs, Shawls & Stashbusting - 1

Dear Ann, The 15 minute format is perfect for sharing a new book. This one is Scarves, Shrugs & Shawls: 22 Knitted Designs with Their Special Techniques, by Sarah Hatton, a member of Rowan’s design team. The publisher, St. Martin’s Press, sent me an advance copy; the on-sale date is February 26. Leafing through it, I wasn’t wowed at first. I asked myself, why aren’t you wowed, Kay? Is your wower busted? Is...

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I See Honey Cowls

I See Honey Cowls - 1

Dear Ann: Reader Gale Zucker writes in our comments: “Have you pushed through the Honey Cowl time warp and can just, like, make them appear? That particular color just kills me.” Gale, I’m glad you asked. Yes, I close my eyes, visualize a Honey Cowl, lay my hands on 400 yards of hand-dyed merino, and when I open my eyes I am standing over the kitchen sink inhaling Soak fumes. Seriously, here is the current Honey Cowl. ...

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Giveaway: “A Truly Useful Book”

Giveaway: "A Truly Useful Book" - 1

Dear Ann: I’m sitting on a pile of unprocessed knitting and life experience that is about 3 stories high. Every time I open up the “post to blog” page, I stare dumbly at the screen. Where to start? Where to start? How is this happening to a venerable workhorse with 9 years in blog harness? Well, a giveaway is always nice. Baby steps. And this is a good one. Remember The Yarnery in St. Paul? Aka The Singing Yarnshop? ...

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My Funny Cowlentine

My Funny Cowlentine - 1

Dear Ann, Lots to report and little time (I have to get dolled up for the Carnival of Love tonight–tickets available at the door! Fried foods! Sexy people! Good cause!), so here goes. New Cowl In Town Honey Cowl Five, in madelinetosh DK (shade: Scarlet), 2 skeins. This is for a small person, so in hopes of getting a wide, wrappy cowl out of 2 skeins of the Tosh, I cast on only 150 stitches (compared with 220 for the full-on Honey...

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The Most Haunting Books: A List

The Most Haunting Books: A List - 1

Dear Kay, Well THAT was fascinating. I have long known that the comments on this blog are more interesting than the entries. This is particularly obvious when you look through the response to the question posed in our previous entry: “What’s the most haunting book you’ve read?” Thank you ALL for taking time to share your thoughts. I’ve collected all the haunting books into an easy-to-use clip ‘n’ save...

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The Business

The Business - 1

Dear Ann, Fall is Knitting Book Season. New knitting books are coming out fast and furious. People may not be familiar with the Mason-Dixon Knitting Editorial Policy on Book Reviews. These unfamiliar people may include you and me. But what I’ve gathered, from our 8 years plus of blogging, is that we generally talk mainly about things we like. Which doesn’t mean that we are easy to please. In fact, I think we’re kind of...

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