Learn how to crawl: the New York City Yarn Crawl is on through Sunday, September 25.

Viva Los Libros!

Viva Los Libros! - 1

Dear Ann, I had a great Hurricane Irene. Not as great as the clever Mrs. Levin, who used her time in front of el television to come up with @ElBloombito on Twitter, but a pretty fine time. (Listen here to how the Mayor really sounds speaking Spanish. Que loco, no? One suspects that he does it because it’s so darn cute. One almost forgives that whole “let’s forget about term limits, ’cause hey guys, it’s...

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Garden Fever Has Hit, and a Little Contest

Garden Fever Has Hit, and a Little Contest - 1

Dear Kay, Surely this must go down as one of Nashville’s most glorious spring days ever. Such a day! Never has there been such temperate perfection. The dogwoods are insane. The bees are lying around drunk. It’s got me thinking about a book I finished weeks ago, Margaret Roach’s memoir, And I Will Have Some Peace There. This weather has me thinking about gardening, now that I’m watching the peonies fatten up, and...

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Saturday Morning Book Find

Saturday Morning Book Find - 1

Dear Ann, Our lovely publisher sent me a copy of a new quilting book. (Isn’t that considerate? Do you think it has anything to do with how many times I’ve said, “By the way, I quilt, too!” [stage wink]) This one is right up my alley. It arrived yesterday and I’ve already given it a thorough going-over. Modern Log Cabin Quilting, by Susan Beal. Quick review: Beginner quilters sometimes ask me to recommend a...

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A Friday Night Video Plus Giveaway

A Friday Night Video Plus Giveaway - 1

Dear Ann, This one is for the book lovers, and also for the people who crave organization in their lives. It came to me via Twitter, the gift that keeps giving (while taking away all my free time and a fair amount of my time that is committed elsewhere). (By the way, my tweety handle is @KayGardiner, would it kill ya to follow me?) Knitting: Now With More Cozy! Speaking of books, I recently received a copy of a new knitting book that is...

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Ready, Set, Crawl (and a Contest)

Ready, Set, Crawl (and a Contest) - 1

Dear Ann, This weekend is the second annual New York City Yarn Crawl. This year, the prize baskets are more deluxe–and more plentiful– than ever, and it looks to be a fun time for stores and customers. This year, one of my fave old-neighborhood spots, the City Bakery, is a “friend of the crawl,” with its own prize basket. (If you stop in at the City Bakery, I recommend the hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow, or...

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Australian Best Seller–Book Giveaway

Australian Best Seller--Book Giveaway - 1

Dear Ann, Stay with me now: this is about a book devoted to knitted tea cozies. Which I love. I know that sometimes, when stooping to enjoy a (rare!) delicious moment of cattiness, we ridicule some of the, um, specificity, of knitting book themes. 1001 Easy Cat Knitted Toys, for example (because, duh, 1001 Regular Level of Difficulty Knitted Cat Toys is so 2007). We mock, but we mock with deep understanding. We are whistling past the...

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