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Learning from Sheep, and Kristin Nicholas, Too

Learning from Sheep, and Kristin Nicholas, Too - 1

Dear Kay, Knitting designer Kristin Nicholas has a really beautiful blog post today about her sheep: Lessons from Sheep. I’ve had a copy of her new book, Color by Kristin, on my kitchen table for a couple of weeks now, a total color explosion sort of book. Really fearless and bright. It is so cool, such a fantastic contrast, to consider Kristin’s book when looking at the monochrome, snowy photographs coming from her farm...

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Let’s Give Away A Book or Two, Shall We?

Let's Give Away A Book or Two, Shall We? - 1

Dear Ann, Our dear publisher has sent me a couple of most excellent books, so I thought I’d get busy and give them away this morning. First up: 400 Knitting Stitches. Not 399, not 401, but 400! This is a good solid stitch dictionary with a really pretty cover. I was tempted to keep it, but since I seem to have talked myself into all 4 of the Barbara Walkers (5 if you count the Learn-to-Knit Afghan, and I think you should), one Lesley...

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Knitting Poem of the Week

Knitting Poem of the Week - 1

Dear Ann, I am so happy to have discovered the Knitting Poem of the Week. This one is also the Dyeing Poem of the Week, for all you cochineal fans (and you know who you are). (With thanks to our literate, kniterate Champagne Bohemian, for leading me to the Poetry Society website.) Let’s all visit every week, and hope they don’t run out of knitting poems. Oh! And while I’m getting all arts & lettersy, I wish so hard...

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Queen of the Baby Shower, 2009 Edition

Queen of the Baby Shower, 2009 Edition - 1

Dear Ann, Look at the two of us. We are, technically, what both my Grandma Pearl and my Grandma Mabel called “shiftless”. We got no shift, at least not when it comes to summertime blogging. Thank goodness for kind publishers who want us to give away books. Such as this fine, crazy, silly, fun book, “Wacky Baby Knits.” You gotta wonder how we got to the point, in the evolution of our ancient craft, that a knitter who...

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Fathers Day Poetry Slam

Dear Ann, Thank goodness–thank GOODNESS, I say–we never made a big deal about Mothers Day or Fathers Day in our house. It was always kind of “Sunday: bagels as usual (we’ll run out for cards later)” –and that is a fine, fine thing, don’t get me wrong. So we have not suffered unduly today. Just another Sunday in the New Normal. Which isn’t all that normal, but never mind. We got our uncles...

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The Real Royal Treatment

The Real Royal Treatment - 1

Dear Kay, OK OK OK so it was me hacking into your account and posting pictures of you with world leaders. April Fool . . . and now that I figured out how to cut your head out and put it on other people’s bodies, well. This is going to be FUN. Now. Here’s a real sight to warm your heart. Isn’t it BEYOOTIFUL???? This is your birthday Belinda scarf, braising in a delicious broth of Citrus Soak and tap water. I’m going to...

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