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Knitting Party! Tea Party! Book Party!

Knitting Party!  Tea Party!  Book Party! - 1

Dear Ann, Hey there, hello! I just found out that my LYS, Knitty City, will be hosting a Knitting and Tea Party on Wednesday night (February 25), from 6-8, in honor of Jane Gottelier’s brand-new book, Knitting and Tea. Lest you think this is going to be a book about knitting and “tea”, as in mugs of Lipton’s like the one I’ve got going cold on my desk right this minute, dangling a patented Flo-Thru tea bag tag,...

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The Great Muskrat Uprising

The Great Muskrat Uprising - 1

Dear Ann, Apparently my memory is completely gone. If you had told me, as a child, that I would ever mix my muskrats and my badgers, I simply wouldn’t have believed you. But now I’ve gone and done it. As readers were quick to point out, badgers had no role in predicting the long winter in The Long Winter: Pa was shaking his head. “We’re going to have a hard winter,” he said, not liking the prospect. “Why,...

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Monday (Again)

Monday (Again) - 1

Dear Ann, It’s a huge Monday. Obviously: Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day has gotten a lot better since the movie, I think. Before the movie, it was just a weird day about trying to understand what “6 more weeks of winter” meant. If he doesn’t see his shadow, is it less than 6 weeks, or more than 6 weeks? Does he ever not see his shadow? Should we be leaving this up to a groundhog? Personally, I subscribe to Laura...

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“Blank Blankingly Wonderful”

"Blank Blankingly Wonderful" - 1

Dear Ann, “Blank blankingly wonderful”: that’s what they’re saying about the brand-new UK-based knitting magazine, The Knitter, which hits newstands in the UK and abroad TODAY. (If you click on the pictures, they get really big.) (OK, “they” might be a little biased because they have some connection to the magazine, like “they” might be the editor of it, or something along those lines, but...

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America’s Next Top Rowan Model

America's Next Top Rowan Model - 1

Dear Ann, Look what was waiting for me upon re-entry to non-summer life: Rowan’s 30th anniversary edition. I haven’t even started to take it all in, but I rejoice that there are 65 patterns. I rejoice that the pictures are as over the top, dreamy and crazy as ever, and that the models are as translucently pale and waifish as we have come to expect. I’m sad that there is no new design from Kim Hargreaves, but I’m...

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A Sneak Peek

Dear Kay, Hey look! Here’s a little peek inside the covers of Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. Still nursing the incredible rotator cuff injury I incurred while trying to finish my Ravelympics knitting project before the last 2,008 orange-clad performers swarmed the closing ceremonies on Monday night. OK, so I didn’t really have an actual physical injury. But mentally, I’m trashed. I dream about wandering cables....

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