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Lazy Sunday: Nicola Walker Film Festival

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Dear Ann, Sometimes in the middle of the night, I sit up in bed and scream (silently, the worst kind of scream), “WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF BRITISH DETECTIVE SHOWS?” I intend to live a long life, and spend much of it parked in front of a screen, knitting and watching British detectives (and also Swedish and French detectives in British productions, time permitting). I don’t see how they can possibly keep up the pace. Friday night,...

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All Roads Lead to Bill

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Dear Ann: You know I love a good scarf-tying video tutorial. Getting ready for a big holiday weekend here in the US, I thought this one, from Refinery29, could be useful for those planning a nautical adventure, or just swanning around on dry land. 3 different scarf looks for each day of the l-o-n-g weekend✨ Click the link in bio for more #R29ShortCuts videos for all your #summer beauty needs. A video posted by Refinery29 (@refinery29) on...

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Lazy Sunday: Eastenders

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Dear Ann, My longest-running, most reliable knittertainment, by far, is the British soap opera EastEnders, a multi-family, working-class drama that has been running continuously since 1985. I started watching it about ten years after that, a few years before my kids were born. I know this because in early 1997, I was standing in front of the TV, rocking a sleepy newborn, when the EastEnders theme started playing. Whereupon the baby started...

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The Gift of Being Easily Entertained

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Dear Ann, On Sunday night I was occupied with celebrating a wedding in New Orleans, and missed the live telecast of the Tony Awards. So it was only last night that I watched some of the best bits on YouTube. I think we all need some uplift, so here goes, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance-speech sonnet: Also, Ann, I want you to know that I have a new hobby: looking at pictures of Daveed Diggs’ jackets. Like this one, and this one, and...

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Wild and Wonderful Todd Oldham


Dear Kay, Today we’re taking a little trip to Providence, Rhode Island, to take a peek at a stunner of an exhibition now on at the museum at Rhode Island School of Design. “All of Everything: Todd Oldham Fashion” is a riot of color, whimsy, and yes, of course, there’s knitting in the mix. Todd Oldham is a designer known for his good humor, wit, and love of color. Thanks to our roving correspondent Amber Fearn for her...

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Lazy Sunday: Pomp Up the Circumstance


Dear Ann, On Friday I was in Boston to watch my godson pick up a degree from MIT. (Hashtag #godmotherbrag.) It takes a good while for them to read out 2800 or so names, so I made great strides on (but by no means finished) my Tokyo Shawl. The commencement address was given by Matt Damon, and it was jolly good. It was so pleasant, sitting way back, under the trees, thinking about physics and knitting away on my shawl. I realized that other...

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