A one-minute audio linguistics lesson: how New Orleanians pronounce “Chartres.”

Introducing: Luxuries for the Empty Nest Mom


Dear everybody, We are proud to announce our first-ever product offering from Mason-Dixon Knitting. You’ve done so much. You got your kid off to college. In that first flush of pride and euphoria, you marked that moment: you vacuumed your young man’s room for the first time in seven years. You cleaned out the minivan, once and for all. You spent an afternoon culling through old art projects brought home from school. You cleaned....

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Kate Atherley Saves the Day


Dear Ann, The other day I got an email from a friend with Knitting Trouble. Judy is a fairly new knitter, but she’s got moxy. She makes her own needlepoint charts. She has knit a few scarves. She can cast on, knit and purl, and cast off. Judy recently acquired  a fluffy rescue dog, Clyde, and (naturally) wanted to knit him a coat. On Ravelry, Judy found a cute dog coat and downloaded the free pattern. In her email to me, Judy said she was...

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Wild (Cat) Kingdom


Dear Ann, I love this #helpfulknittingcats thing that you and your fellow cat fanciers have started. You know what I love about cats? They’re so diverse. There are fluffy cats. There are not-so-fluffy cats, with ears like tulips. There is the Lord of the Fluffy Cats, Loki. (Scroll down. You can’t miss him.) There are discriminating cats in formal attire. I certainly enjoy sharing knitting time with my own cat. Gosh, I’m a...

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Lazy Sunday: Dogs and Sweaters

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 10.46.43 PM

Dear Ann, We share a love of Maira Kalman’s work. Earlier this week,  I enjoyed knitting and listening to this recent interview, in which Maira mentions in passing that in college, she knit sweaters for her boyfriend. (More empirical evidence, if any was needed, against the mythical boyfriend curse. If you are moved to knit someone a sweater, go ahead, I say. Whatever happens, good or bad, will not have much to do with the sweater, and...

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Deep Dive: Delicious


Dear Ann, For today’s Deep Dive,  I feel like we ought to take a little moment to celebrate your special ability to find an incredible YouTube video. I could watch this a thousand times. And now I’m hungry, and I want to listen to...

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New Directions in Sock Knitting


Dear Ann, I love handknit socks. I have cherished handknit socks made by world-class sock-knitting pals, and I currently am wearing the heck out of socks that were “hand knit” on old-fashioned machines that crank out one sock at a time. But when it comes to knitting socks myself, I demur.  Someday, I’ll get the urge. Until then, I have plenty of other uses for fingering weight yarn. Despite my socknosticism, I was intrigued...

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