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Deep Dive: Delicious


Dear Ann, For today’s Deep Dive,  I feel like we ought to take a little moment to celebrate your special ability to find an incredible YouTube video. I could watch this a thousand times. And now I’m hungry, and I want to listen to...

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New Directions in Sock Knitting


Dear Ann, I love handknit socks. I have cherished handknit socks made by world-class sock-knitting pals, and I currently am wearing the heck out of socks that were “hand knit” on old-fashioned machines that crank out one sock at a time. But when it comes to knitting socks myself, I demur.  Someday, I’ll get the urge. Until then, I have plenty of other uses for fingering weight yarn. Despite my socknosticism, I was intrigued...

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Lazy Sunday: The Hero Is a Piece of Yarn


Dear Kay, This is a stretch, I know. But I’m going to ask you to watch a trailer for a brand-new XBox video game. I keep watching it, because it’s just so beautiful. The hero is a piece of yarn. The thing is, it’s likely to make you laugh or cry or both, and it may give you hope for humanity that a bunch of people in northern Sweden would take the time to create a video game that has, at its core, one subject: love. Here...

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Rule, Knitlandia


Dear Ann, Last night I went to the rare book room at Strand Bookstore, a New York institution, to celebrate a knitting institution. A very cute institution. That’s her, gesticulating, way up in front of a full house. Yes, it was  Ms. Clara Parkes, reading from her brand-new book, Knitlandia: A Knitter Sees the World.  It being February, everybody was dressed to the nines, i.e., wearing up to nine handknits. (Beautiful woman in...

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Lazy Sunday: Hamilton All Day Long

hamilton eyes

Dear Kay, I humbly present a very special Lazy Sunday. I have had a thing for Alexander Hamilton since at least 2004. (See “Boo Freakin’ Hoo.”) You and I even paid a visit to the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Service Plaza on the New Jersey Turnpike. Remember this? 2006! Well, last week in New York, all my Hamiltonian dreams came true when we saw the musical Hamilton. In Broadway’s knockout hip-hopera, the Founding...

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Snippets: Snowbound Edition

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.51.28 PM

Dear Kay, Dipping into the Mason-Dixon Knitting mailbag because there are treasures to share, news from all over, tidbits and knickknacks for what is a snowy, snowy day for some of us. Blanket of the Year (So Far) We are just going to wear you down until you decide to give Instagram a try. This, for example. Terhi Montonen’s blanket. Kay writes, “Terhi’s wedding gift to her sister and her husband took my breath away....

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