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Wild (Cat) Kingdom


Dear Ann, I love this #helpfulknittingcats thing that you and your fellow cat fanciers have started. You know what I love about cats? They’re so diverse. There are fluffy cats. There are not-so-fluffy cats, with ears like tulips. There is the Lord of the Fluffy Cats, Loki. (Scroll down. You can’t miss him.) There are discriminating cats in formal attire. I certainly enjoy sharing knitting time with my own cat. Gosh, I’m a...

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Knitting Aphorisms Revisited

Dear Ann, Last night was a dark night of the knitting soul. As I was doing the final (500+-stitch) rounds of Quadrature, I had to consult the pattern again to read the bit about some increases required only in the final rows of the B cables. (The B cables are the ones on the sides; the A cables are the ones on the corners. They are the same. OR SO I THOUGHT.) This was when I discovered, with a kind of handheld-camera, horror-flick terror, that I...

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Vivi’s Sweater


Dear Ann, This is Vivi. Vivi is a Papillon puppy belonging to Gail, whom I met on Twitter.  (I was trying to complete my set of all possible spellings of the name Gail.) The red sweater belongs to Vivi’s elderly sister Mitzi. Mitzi’s  sweater is 15 years old. Gail wanted it copied for Vivi. I wanted to copy it for my own purposes, so I took it on.  As you do. How hard could it be? With some help from Belinda of True Brit Knits,...

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Cat Trouble

Cat Trouble - 1

Dear Kay, I don’t even know what to say. I come into my knitting lair this morning and I find Kermit the 18-pound wonder cat, gnawing on my freakin’ yarn. Total sabotage, right under my nose! Cat spit all over my precious precious Rowan Donegal Lambswool. Like he’s sick of the thing already, wants me to move on. Hey cat–I don’t eat your creepy chicken-flavored cat treats; you don’t eat my yarn. What’s...

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Tails of the City

Dear Ann, Some days, I am especially grateful that we have a blog. What do people without blogs do, when something weird and kind of cool happens to them? I guess they have to take their chances with the Metropolitan Diary at the New York Times. Here goes. Scene: Central Park, 8-ish a.m. Dramatis personae/canae: Me/my Olive, my pal Lisa/her Artie Walking along the path to the Dog-Friendly Caffeine Stop, I spy a collar on the ground and pick...

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Feisty Friday

Dear Ann, This morning dear Emma tweeted me this video as career guidance for Olive. It’s too, too good not to share. Off to order some Nancy’s Fan Club t-shirts. Happy weekend, all! Love, Kay P.S. Just realized that Nancy has the same theme song as the Nashville Bandwagon. Coincidence? Or soul...

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