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Brother From Another Mother

Brother From Another Mother - 1

Dear Ann, People always ask me, “What kind of dog is that?” Impossible to tell, really. We were told: Australian Terrier and Miniature Poodle. No sign of poodle in the actual dog, though. So, Olive is some kind of terrier mix that also is reminiscent of a tiny German Shepherd. Here in the land of Yorkies, Chorkies, Havanese, and many hyphenations of poo, we never see a dog that looks like her. Until we met Hercules. ...

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olive and kermit thank you all

olive and kermit thank you all - 1

dear everybody oliv and i thank u for yer contributionz to Haiti. oliv haz a big headache at the moment becuz the elastic on the fairy princess crown that the big lady put on her has cut into her neck circulation but she sez it wuz wurth it and shed do it agin, ackshully my own personal feeling is that this terabul crisis in haiti is gong to go on fer a long time so dont make this a onetime deal heres where to give money to SQUIRRL got to run...

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Olive and Kermit’s Give-Money-to-Haiti Blogathon

Olive and Kermit's Give-Money-to-Haiti Blogathon - 1

Dear everybody, Yes, there’s a telethon tonight, Hope for Haiti, that will be broadcast on every channel in the known universe. No, George Clooney did NOT call to ask if we wanted to participate. He hasn’t called in, like, OK ever. But that’s OK. We are proud to announce that the two biggest stars in our firmament, Kay’s dog Olive and and Ann’s cat Kermit, have joined forces to raise money for Haiti. The fluffy...

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Move Over, TMZ

Dear Ann, I love the knitblog world. The collective “we” don’t miss a trick. Today’s celebrity sighting is over at Snit & Knit. It’s like Britney, with a venti in one hand and a toddler in the other. Only it’s a small terrier, snapped unawares. Thank GAWD I put the sweater on, is all I’ve got to say. Can you imagine if she’d been nekkid? On the street? In January? I’d never live...

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Who’s That Girl?

Who's That Girl? - 1

January 2010 Dear Olive, Happy New Year! It is with my most sincere good wishes that I send you this humble gift. I do hope you like it and that it is of the right dimensions. (I have only your photos on which to judge your size.) I hope you will not think it too forward of me when I say that I believe the warm pink tones will enhance the radiance of your eyes and the golden tones of your hair. Wear it in good health, happiness and...

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Salty Dog

Salty Dog - 1

Dear Ann, Let me quash this rumor right now. (What rumor? The one I’m starting!) Hear me now and hear me good: I am NOT involved in any kind of Dog Sweater War with Norma. It is pure coincidence that we each are in the throes of tiny terrier love, a love which dare not speak its name and can be expressed in only one way: the knitting of tiny terrier togs. I am NOT trying to escalate the Sweater Count between me and Norma. I...

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