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Poverty and Luxury


Dear friends, pals, chums, random visitors who end up here because they Googled “log cabin,” We are grateful for all your cards and notes inquiring about the state of Mason-Dixon Knitting and the future of our bi-regional knitting blog. I’ll let Kay chime in with her thoughts about taking a five-month leave from a blog we’ve kept for eleven years. For me, it has been a strange thing not to write here. I miss you guys! But,...

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She Learned to Love the Thread

Dear Ann, Breaking news:  ROSANNE CASH IS A KNITTER. Oh and also:  she has a new record coming out today. (Photo: Gael Towey.) I know that Rosanne is a knitter, because I taught her.  We met a few years ago, at a book signing for her memoir, Composed.  She wanted to learn how to knit, and asked me if I gave lessons.  I said, not really, but I’d be glad to teach you to knit.  It was one of the nicest surprises ever. We met up a...

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Two Words: Rag Balls


Dear Ann, In this season of gratefulness, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve wished for a knitting group, and how funny it is that when it finally arrived (like a pony from the sky), it was a sewing circle. A bunch of women I didn’t know a few years ago.  We are the unofficial New York City branch of the Alabama Chanin Sewing Society and Fan Club. Sometimes I knit at sewing circle. If the mutual support (aka gossip) is flying,...

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Unscheduled Stops

Unscheduled Stops - 1

Dear Kay, Happy blogiversary right back to you. Keep on keepin’ on, hon! We (meaning my sister Buffy, four kids, me, and 500 old Judith Krantz and Tom Clancy novels in the back of my car culled from the Monteagle Woman’s Association Library awaiting their fate at the bazaar next Wednesday) made an unscheduled trip last week. There was a very sad loss in the family, and we made a pilgrimage to Greenville, Alabama, south of...

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Mason-Dixon Mailbag (Free Goat Picture Included)

Mason-Dixon Mailbag (Free Goat Picture Included) - 1

Dear Kay, I promise! I’m just finishing up a little something, but as God is my witness I will be making a Buttonhole Bag! You’re not going to leave me in the dust. I shall knit large. I shall shrink. I shall admire. But first. I must interrupt our 24/7 coverage of Bagpalooza ’05 to bring you news from the land of Dixie. The fishing down in Greenville, Alabama, must be terrible, because Elmira Sanders has been quilting her...

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