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A Tribute to the Ten Pound Losers

A Tribute to the Ten Pound Losers - 1

Dear Kay, A quick moment to pay tribute to one of the most brave, stalwart, and persistent groups you will ever find–and no, I’m not talking about all you Nashville parents trying to help your kids go sledding in a half inch of snow. I’m talking, of course, about the Ten Pound Losers group over at Ravelry. Back in September, this group was formed after some amount of wailing on Twitter about the desire to lose ten pounds....

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Stay Home and Knit Friday

Stay Home and Knit Friday - 1

Dear Ann, I never shop on Black Friday. I don’t want to give The Man the satisfaction. It sounds like absolutely no fun, I mean AT ALL. Remember Shadow[]box? I made Shadow[]box last year, wore it a few times and forgot about it. The asymmetrical neck opening was kind of bugging me because, as it turns out, I am not the kind of person who has some cool brooch, or even a kilt pin, ready to hand as I walk out the door, to keep my...

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What Are You Fixing AFTER Thanksgiving?

Dear Kay, At this point, we are plus eight humans at our house now, I think, but people keep coming and going such that I don’t really know who’s here and who’s not. It’s really fun, and some of these people require diapers and such, which is a sort of drama I’d forgotten. OMG she’s gonna PEE! I had to buy Size 6 Huggies yesterday and could not believe the proliferation of butt-covering products in the diaper...

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The Not So Sophisticated Kitchen

The Not So Sophisticated Kitchen - 1

Dear Ann, At about this time last year, I shared my ultra-secret fambly recipe for Corn Souffle aka Corn Casserole aka Scalloped Corn. This was well received by the people. It has a stick of butter in it–what could be bad? This year I am sharing yet another fambly fave. This one is also raved about by young and old, and in particular, people who hate cottage cheese, because you could never tell that it has cottage cheese in it. Not...

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Mysteries of the World: Solved!

Mysteries of the World:  Solved! - 1

Dear Kay, I have so much to report. 1. The Eggs Our friends Josh and Katie were drafted to peel ‘n’ pop. (That’s the part where you zoop out the yolk into a bowl so you can mush it up with whatever goo you think is going to make it taste better.) They were surprisingly game about it all, but they’re like that. The net completed deviled egg count was 41 rather than a full 48, due to some cracking during boiling, poor...

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It Is So Hard to Find a Decent Emu Egg These Days

It Is So Hard to Find a Decent Emu Egg These Days - 1

Dear Kay, Well it’s about dang time, is all I have to say. I’m at Whole Foods today (I’ve taken to calling it the Food Museum due to the priceless nature of its exhibits), and I come across this item: Emu eggs. $19.99 the egg. Granted, this emu egg is, like, four inches long and could probably make for a one-egg quiche, but still. Who would ever crack one, what with the incredible color of this thing? Really gorgeous. When I...

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