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A New Direction for Me

A New Direction for Me - 1

Dear Kay, It all started when I was tapped to bring the cake for the Second Grade Puppet Show. This is an event right up there with your Fourth Grade Play, with all sorts of rituals including the making of puppets, the writing of the script, the cast party, and the Cake. This year’s play is Beauty and the Beaks, the story of a bunch of beauty shop chickens who rescue a turkey who faces a future of being stuffed with chestnuts. Their...

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Knitting SAT

Knitting SAT - 1

Dear Kay, Isn’t this lace LURVLY? It’s time for a knitting quiz. Cristina over at Philacraft sent along this tantalizing pair of photos. She writes: “I’m trying to figger out what this is. A friend had this stole hanging in her window. The lace mohair was too itchy to wear, she said, but the stole was too beautiful to give away and she didn’t like to think that people in cars passing by could see right through that...

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Never Underestimate How Long a Blog Post Can Be

Never Underestimate How Long a Blog Post Can Be - 1

Dear Ann, I haven’t forgotten about the recipe box contest. I got sidelined this week, moving our long-stored Stuff out of storage and back home. The good news: Little Rabbi is in the house! The bad news: I hate the rest of our stuff. I had gotten used to the stuff-free lifestyle. My next project: getting rid of stuff, without (and this is the tricky part) acquiring more stuff. The Contest It was really hard to pick winners for...

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Never Fail

Never Fail - 1

Dear Ann, Out in the country (north of Omaha, south of Fort Calhoun), weakened by WiFi deprivation, I have been digging around in Most Moisturized Mom’s treasures. The Ancestral Recipe Box. The box itself is not so ancient. It dates to the 1960s, when MMM was beginning her career as a master mixer of canned goods. She was training under her mother-in-law, Grandma Mabel (who in life was called Grandma Gardiner, which sounds less...

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Blue Ribbon Baking

Blue Ribbon Baking - 1

Dear Kay, Not to be braggy or anything, but I did want to show off a bit of holiday baking I did this morning: It’s SO EASY, really! All you do is crack open a tube of aerosol-dough Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls-Not-The-Lowfat-Ones-Which-Aren’t-Sugary-Enough, quintuple the baking time, and you’ve got a great centerpiece for your Christmas dinner. Or fuel for the fire. Or a weapon. Gah. Merry Christmas, y’all! We’re...

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Thanksgiving: Turkey. Friday: Vietnamese

Thanksgiving: Turkey. Friday: Vietnamese - 1

Dear Kay, Let’s just say that there’s still a half gallon of gravy in the refrigerator. We seriously overshot the gravy requirement. There are seven extra people staying at our house, which is great. This place is like a kibbutz. It completely maxes out the accomodations here, but having eleven people in a house makes for things that don’t otherwise happen. 1. Food. Somebody’s always fixing a meal in the kitchen. You...

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