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Misceloony - 1

Dear Kay, I’ve been under the weather, hon, so apologies for the lack of blabbage. I don’t really expect you to read all this, but I’ve got to get it out of my system before it starts to back up. You know that bloggy backed-up feeling? So much to discuss. Up First: Disappointing Knitting Just terrible, I tell you. There is something about this swatch that absolutely fatigues me. I can barely stand to look at this thing;...

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The Runcible Crock Pot

The Runcible Crock Pot - 1

Dear Ann, This morning, I was marching double-quick to Zabar’s to buy a slow cooker. Slow cooker is the new term for The Kitchen Appliance Formerly Known As Crock Pot. I guess the crock pot people are trying to distance themselves from the image damage that’s been done by gunky nacho cheese dip and weenies in bbq sauce. Why was I hellbent for crock pot? Because Mrs. Lear has taken up slow cooking. And whatever Mrs. Lear is...

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It’s Hard Being Orna

It's Hard Being Orna - 1

Dear Ann, So, I’m totally hung over. No, not from my birthday. I know this is a shocker, but a 49th birthday is something one really has to work at getting excited about. I always enjoy my birthday, mostly because of the wine. But still. 49. Woop-de-freakin’-do, if you get my drift. Don’t get me wrong–I’m happy to be here! Loving every minute! Cherish is the word I use to describe! What I am hung over from...

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Astronaut Night and Other Great Ideas

Astronaut Night and Other Great Ideas - 1

Dear Kay, Too tuckered for much else except to say that tonight’s Theme Night Dinner, All Liquids Night, went well enough. The menu: chicken soup (which I didn’t have the heart to puree in order to be truly a liquid), apple sauce, a flight of creepy health smoothies that said alarming things like “42 GRAMS OF PROTEIN IN THIS BOTTLE.” The green one was going to be a hit until it was discovered that it contained broccoli....

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Cloudy Sunday

Cloudy Sunday - 1

Dear Kay, Sunday is just about the best thing there is, don’t you think? I’ve been watching stuff pop up around the house. 1. Popovers The most fun you can have with flour, milk, eggs, and salt. Here’s a recipe that is just about the same as the New York Times Cookbook recipe I used. There are all these superfussy recipes, what with the warm-up-the-cream-not-milk, the use-a-cast-iron-pan, don’t-use-all-purpose-flour...

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Hanukkah: The Blogumentary

Hanukkah:  The Blogumentary - 4

Dear Ann, My knitting continues in a scarfcentric drone, meaning I’ve made another one, but even I am sick of blogging about scarves. Aw, I’m lying. In truth, today the light is not good enough to capture the FRESH WONDER of my latest scarf tribute. I will hold back nothing. You shall see my new scarf and rejoice, ‘She scarfs yet!’ Meanwhile, we have been celebrating Hanukkah these past three nights, mostly with...

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