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Mighty Knitters of Babylon

Mighty Knitters of Babylon - 1

Dear Ann, Remember that great Bob Marley/Jimmy Cliff song? How did it go? Mighty knitters of Babylon Where we sat down And there we wept And did the tubular cast-on Something like that, anyway. I cannot get this song out of my head since last Monday, when little Meli, Cara and I went day-tripping all the way to the Village of Babylon, Long Island, to finally spend some quality time at Other Ann’s super darling, ultra adorable, mega cozy...

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Sights, Sounds, ‘n’ Smells

Sights, Sounds, 'n' Smells - 1

Dear Kay, Kay, you have done strong work in chronicling hi-lites from our trip, but I have more tidbits for the scrapbook. Food Strolling along a street in downtown Portland, we came across a felted Thanksgiving by LeBrie Rich. We came across this, too: An unfelted cornmeal pancake. With unfelted butter. Delicious. A Portland movie: A Seattle movie: Seattle Restaurant Moment A late, unexpected supper at Lark. It should be noted that one of...

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Dateline: Portland, Oregon

Dateline: Portland, Oregon - 1

Dear Kay, As Loretta Lynn and Jack White put it, “Portland, Oregon, and sloe gin fizz/If that ain’t love, then tell me what is . . .” After winging west from Nashville, we landed in Portland, Oregon, and immediately got our groom on: We did all these things, with the result that Kay’s poodle cut was really working for her: Good morning, Portland! With your host, Kay Gardiner. One conclusion so far is that there is...

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The World According to the Yarnery

The World According to the Yarnery - 1

Dear Kay, I hate to say it, and I’m a little bitter because they did it without the aid of two-story-tall hair, but I think we’ve been out-YouTubed. On Sunday, The Yarnery Family Singers just about blew everybody’s handknit socks off at the knitting party in St. Paul. For those of you who somehow didn’t manage to get to Minnesota (where were ya and we missed ya!), drink it in . . . Bravo to them all: Eric, Scott, Jess,...

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The Straight Needle Express

The Straight Needle Express - 1

Dear Ann, I write to you even though you are sitting in the same room, because I like to write to you. I wanted to update you on what you’ve been doing for the last 24 hours. Driving and talking. More driving then more talking. That about sums it up. Not really! Although exhausted from talking my head off, here are a few snapshots from the road. First Stop: Lexington, Kentucky Lexington is all about the equitation. White fences as...

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O Chicago! Wunnerful Chicago!

O Chicago! Wunnerful Chicago! - 1

Dear Kay, Reeeeeeeeeeally sorry you weren’t in Chicago, because frankly–and I don’t mean to rub it in or otherwise make you feel like you missed something special, which it was, and you already knew this–it was a ton of fun. Here are the few photos I managed to take with my cell phone, due to the Anncam’s tragic orthopedic problem. (I just figured out this morning that it works if I poke the lens back in, like a...

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