If you’re Rhinebeck-bound, we would love to see you at Jill Draper’s studio in Kingston on Saturday night–details here.

Upstate Knitting Party

Upstate Knitting Party - 1

Dear y’all, I’m issuing the red alert today because Kay has wandered off to Philadelphia on another one of her freaky day trips to hang out with Cristina. Only slightly envious. Totally. Girl cannot even post a simple blog entry anymore. Failure to blog is a possible symptom of letting herself go, if you know what I mean. O knitters of the Catskills, arise! Kay is coming up on Saturday, January 20, one o’clock, for a knitting...

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The Sublime and the Ridiculous–NOT IN THAT ORDER

The Sublime and the Ridiculous--NOT IN THAT ORDER - 1

Dear Kay, I know you keep a little Elvis in your heart every day of the year, but on Monday, we were keeping a LOT of Elvis in our heart for his birthday. The knitting at the library was full of the beautiful expressions of humanity that bring tears of joy to my jaded eyes. Francie and Meg went straight for the hair-based tribute. The Hair of Elvis (free pattern here–you can thank me later) reminds me a little of Daniel Boone, somehow,...

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How Was That Log Cabin Workshop, Anyway?

How Was That Log Cabin Workshop, Anyway? - 1

December 28, 2006, String of Purls, Omaha, Nebraska. Dear Ann, This picture pretty much says it all. I had a blast just pouring my heart out about Log Cabin love. I couldn’t have wished for a more into-it audience. By the time I got done blabbing (or actually I just paused), everyone had knitted the center of a big-ass log cabin cushion in Nebraska’s favorite home-state yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Yummy! A few more...

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Intro to Public Speaking

Dear Ann, Sometimes I wish my college days hadn’t been so much Politburo (google it, youngstas!) and not so much with the Communication Arts. I am venturing, in a scaredy-cat, just-this-once way, into the world of teaching other people something about knitting. My only cause for optimism about this adventure is that I so enjoy teaching people things when they didn’t ask me. They are just shopping for yarn and saying something to...

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Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline - 1

Dear Kay, Aw hell, we were knitting at the library yesterday. We ran out of chairs. Next month we’re just going to take over the lobby. You learn a lot about people when you sit around and knit together. I can’t possibly capture it all, and I probably shouldn’t even try. Here are a few tidbits: First egg cozy I’ve seen all year. (This is the famous Weekend Knitting egg cozy. I hate to say it, but it kind of looks like a...

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BULLETIN: Knitting at the Nashville Library!

BULLETIN: Knitting at the Nashville Library! - 1

Dear all, particularly those in Tennessee or the eight states that touch Tennesseee (can you name ’em?), You never know who might show up knitting at the downtown Nashville library: Coleman and her Koigu log cabin blanket. Dee Dee, who came all the way from Keene, New Hampshire. We especially love New England knitters who think Nashville is just not that far to come for a bit of knitting. And no shortage of groovy gals. The Hello Kitty...

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