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Loopy - 1

Dear Ann, I know you’re loopy about the logistics of leaving home to go further than the grocery store (I just got an urgent email from SAVE_THE_GUINEA_PIGS.ORG). We’re both loopy at the prospect of standing up in front of people and, um, saying something? Anything? Having a pulse? Not sweating through our matte foundation? But me, I also have lingering, unprocessed loopiness from my brief trip to England. So, let me just fire...

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And Now For Something Completely Different

And Now For Something Completely Different - 1

Dear Ann, Mary B of Richmond, who graces our comments and Found Objects on a regular basis, is a modest and dignified mother of two. She does not claim to have invented the dubious practice known as “showing the sock a good time”; that distinction lies elsewhere. But I will go out on a limb and say that Mary B may well have perfected the art. I will let the evidence speak for itself. The following photos are from Mary’s...

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Warm Up the Slide Projector

Warm Up the Slide Projector - 1

Dear Ann, Hi there. Are you comfy? Do you have a beverage? Because this is Part One of my vacation photos. We’ll be here for a while, and the knitting content will be 100% indirect. No actual knitting. I went to England by myself, a few days ahead of Hubby and kids, because I wanted to make a pilgrimage to the home of beloved Emma. I’ve been chatting to Emma from my first days on the Internet. Hers was the first knitting blog I...

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