Best news all day: Clif’s friend is out of ICU, so much better. Love to you all for such kind thoughts.

Liberty Equality Fraternity


Dear Ann, On this day there is little to do but helplessly follow news coverage of the awful events in Paris, thinking of friends and loved ones suddenly thrust into chaos and fear. I have checked up on my family’s own beloved Frenchies, who are safe and well. My thoughts are with them and with friends I know only through social media and this blog. I’m also thinking of the perpetually-present French tourists in New York City, who...

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Paris O Paris!

Paris O Paris! - 1

Dear Kay, Bonne année! Whatevaire! We just got back from our fambly trip to Paris. We brought back souvenir malades. Yesterday I decided to call mine jet lag, but it’s actually sort of more achy than that. Our aches were a small difficulty, though, for a trip that went well. Arriving at de Gaulle airport after their week of complete weather chaos was like coming through a college dorm after the year-end loadout. The graveyard of dead...

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home - 1

Dear Ann, I just arrived back from a bibulous, gluttonous, trufulous — in other words, wonderful — trip to Piemonte. You had your chance to go with me, you turned me down (for some petty reason–what was it again, Maternal Duty?), and now you will have to put up with me blathering away about it for a solid six months or so. The kiddies are arriving home from school any minute, and I expect there will be quite The Scene in our...

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