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Milos, minus Venus de Milo

Milos, minus Venus de Milo - 1

Dear Kay, We stood at the edge of this lunar landscape for a very long time, doing nothing but staring at the waves as they crashed around our feet. This is probably my most vivid memory of the trip. This is Milos, a little island south of Athens. It’s famous for not having the Venus de Milo statue anymore. We saw the gully from which it was taken in 1821 by French sailors who were shot at as they lugged the thing to their ship. When you...

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A Very Sorry Tale

A Very Sorry Tale - 1

Dear Kay, I’m not going to lie: I have been avoiding writing you, because for the past two weeks I have been in the deepest knitting mourning. I haven’t knitted since I got back from our family trip to Greece and Turkey. August 5. It’s not because there hasn’t been knitting available around the house. You know that there are drifts of it amid the wreckage of this neglected place. Entire sweaters, scarves, baby garments,...

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Postcard from Istanbul

Postcard from Istanbul - 1

Dear Kay, That’s me up there, on the last day of our trip to the eastern Mediterranean. Really embraced local culture this time. So much to write! Rugged re-entry . . . Love, Ann

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