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Bang Out a Sweater: A Trip to Iceland

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Dear Kay, You have mentioned (often) (sincerely) (comprehensively) your deep love of the Icelandic lopi sweater. Somehow I’d forgotten that you’d hatched this fever while in Iceland. For anyone craving a quick trip, here’s where the Kay Gardiner Icelandic sweater fever began: “Icelandic (Sweater) Saga.” I am dreaming of lopi yokes. I am waiting for my plutoloopy not-yarn plates to arrive. Anticipation for the...

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The Circular of Life

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Dear Ann, This lopapeysa pair landed in Lincoln, Nebraska today. The Mr. is Riddari (my third) and the Mrs. is Verur. I did the same neck mods to Verur as I had done for my two previous Riddari, to make the neckline less masculine and crew-y.  My modification was blunt:  I skipped half of the last round of decreases on the yoke, and skipped the neckband decreases altogether. But when my niece tried it on, it was too wide, it stuck up, it...

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Icelandic Redux

Icelandic Redux - 1

Dear Ann, As I headed into the scrum of Vogue Knitting Live last weekend, I knew one thing: Védis Jónsdóttir was going to be there, and I was going to find her. Let’s review: Védis Jónsdóttir is the designer of Riddari, the sweater pattern I picked out for Carrie when we were in Iceland last June, which I finished at the end of 2012 to great fanfare (in my mind). A smashing sweater and a smashing success. In the Siberian...

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Icelandic (Sweater) Saga

Icelandic (Sweater) Saga - 1

Dear Ann, I’m all for this lightning-round blogging idea, but as anyone who’s ever tried to have a short conversation with me knows, I’m more of a long-form person. Not sure I can do it, but here goes. June 2012: We went to Iceland, an extended family party of 9. We tasted many local delights, including the local wool, first glimpsed on the hoof. Mother and child, from the window of the Ford Expedition With Extra-Big Tires in...

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