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This Is the Abridged Version

This Is the Abridged Version - 1

Dear Ann, I’ve photoshopped my fingers to the bone, and can’t think how to go about describing this trip other than in pictures and captions. (Our favorite literary genre!) If I had more time, I’d write a shorter post. Sorreee! Tel Aviv Day One Some cities are easy to map in your mind. (Omaha::Manhattan; Dodge Street::Fifth Avenue.) Some cities I will never be able to map mentally, no matter how many times I visit. ...

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First/Last/Home - 1

Dear Ann, First picture in Israel. (Basel Street fruit store.) Last picture in Israel. (Beach at Jaffa.) First picture at home. I have a lot to tell, but also a lot to do. Stuff has been piling up around here. More later. ...

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Rami and Me

Dear Ann, I am in Tel Aviv. I know! It’s meshugge! I can’t upload pictures at the moment, but please know that in a few days, you should expect a mighty river of pictures. Israel is a beautiful country; very dense with the National Geographic-style contrasts of trendy and ancient in the same eyefull. The KayCam tried very hard to capture its share of camels in gas stations. But I couldn’t wait to get back to share with you...

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