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SPQ Orna, or, The Million Madonna March

SPQ Orna, or, The Million Madonna March - 1

Ciao Ann, I’ve been away. In a merely physical sense, I was off on a Jubilee Year Junket to Rome and Florence. But actually I was a stranger in a land much stranger than Italy could ever be. I was in Orna Land. (Longtime readers may recall my friend Orna, who was depicted in scrupulously fair and accurate fashion in this report. In Orna Land, the following are not allowed, and may be considered danger signs of decaffeination: Sitting...

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Virtual Piemonte


Yes, Piemonte really does look like this. This picture was taken on the grounds of the historic Fontana Fredda winery. The building is the house King Vittorio Emmanuel (sorry if that’s mispelled) built for his mistress, La Rosina, and their children. They made beautiful music, and beautiful wine, together. (Eventually, he even married her. She became a Duchess and their children were legitimized although not allowed to be king or...

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