Handknit Rescue Squad

Handknit Rescue Squad - 1

Dear Kay, My friend Frannie and I spent the day helping at a house at Pennington Bend, a flooded-out neighborhood right by flooded-out Opryland. (There’s a photo of Pennington Bend in my previous entry). I learned a few things: 1. There are two kinds of house cleanouts: a) flood-insurance cleanouts and b) non-insured cleanouts. Insured houses mean that you have to be meticulous about keeping a list of ruined contents to give to the...

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Latest Headlines from Nashville, Sudden Media Darling

Latest Headlines from Nashville, Sudden Media Darling - 1

Dear Kay, Well, CNN’s Anderson Cooper is coming to town today. I hope to hell he gets over to the fellas’ school in time to cover the middle school talent show. My prediction for his empathetic cry moment: on the steps of the Country Music Hall of Fame, in waders from Barneys, wiping a semi-tear from his eye with a piece of damp sheet music for a Ferlin Husky song. He’ll look into the camera and say, “On the wings of a...

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The Dampening of Nashville

The Dampening of Nashville - 1

Dear Kay, OK so it turns out that Greg, that guy I talked to on the phone yesterday who was going to suck it all up and dry it all out? Total hallucination. Have not heard a peep from the guy. I bet he’s out helping somebody a lot worse off than we were. The weirdest part of it all–the water in the basement thing–is that yesterday morning we awoke, and it was gone. A half a foot of water, come and gone in a day. The ground was...

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Dateline: The Bay of Shayne

Dear Kay, Thank you to those who have inquired about the flooding here in Nashvillle. It’s the nastiest weekend of weather we have ever had. The Cumberland River is 10 feet above flood level. The canoe and bass-boat evacuations are fishing people out of houses and attics all over Bellevue and Antioch. The Harpeth River seems to hate particularly anybody who’s living within a mile of it. I-40 and I-24 are both kind of shut down. The...

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Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn, We Luv U

Brenda Kay and Sheri Lynn, We Luv U - 1

Dear Kay, I have been colossally out of pocket this week due to the arrival of my sister Buffy plus fambly and her porta-pantry. Buffy is on Spring Break. It’s been like Fort Lauderdale around here. Or a Princess Cruise. Or a Bravo reality show where people have to shop every single day. I still haven’t recovered from watching the finale of The Bachelor with Buffy. It was like touring Gettysburg with Ken Burns, listening to her...

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Nashville Flea Market 2010: It Can’t Get Too Odd for Me

Dear Kay, Ahhhhh, it’s been a while since I had a good flea market crawl, so it was a quick yes when I got a call from my friend Elizabeth of Style Blueprint, a blog that is rapidly becoming Nashville’s latest and most potent source of shopping crack. She muttered that she needed some stuff (need being a broad term when it comes to Elizabeth and shopping), and I was all “Hell yeah. I’ve been low on 8-track tapes ever...

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