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Nashville Flea Market 2010: It Can’t Get Too Odd for Me

Dear Kay, Ahhhhh, it’s been a while since I had a good flea market crawl, so it was a quick yes when I got a call from my friend Elizabeth of Style Blueprint, a blog that is rapidly becoming Nashville’s latest and most potent source of shopping crack. She muttered that she needed some stuff (need being a broad term when it comes to Elizabeth and shopping), and I was all “Hell yeah. I’ve been low on 8-track tapes ever...

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Please Read the Letter that I Wrote!

Please Read the Letter that I Wrote! - 1

Dear Kay, Yesterday, I awoke to the sound of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant singing “Please Read the Letter That I Wrote” on NPR, on account of they won the Grammy for Record of the Year. Record of the year! This peculiar collaboration has been the talk of Nashville ever since Robert Plant came to town and rented a house to do this project. Such a head-bonking combo! Hearing his superfamous Led Zeppelin voice paired up with...

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I Left My Hair in New York City

I Left My Hair in New York City - 1

Dear Kay, Somewhere between New York and Nashville is our hair. I don’t really know why it isn’t in the Suitcase of Luv–that’s where I saw it last–but it really put the cramp on my Halloween efforts this year. I was ready to wear both your beehive AND my locks of unholy love, but I don’t know where any of it is. Do you think some airport security person made off with it? I had to fall back on my most...

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Life on the Mezzanine

Life on the Mezzanine - 1

Dear Kay, Most Saturday mornings, this is where you’ll find me. This is the Grownup Holding Area of the Sixth Avenue Skatepark. I figure that, having spent about fifty Saturdays in this place, I am good and ready for the apocalypse. Don’t you think the apocalypse will have busted-out sofas? The first time Clif persuaded me to take him to this place, I was deeply skeptical. He was still a novice skateboarder, working on landing...

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Tailgate Party, 2008 Edition

Tailgate Party, 2008 Edition - 1

Dear Kay, So much to tell you. Topic Number One: Teeny Project Runway The entries are arriving daily here for Teeny Project Runway. It’s like Fashion Week at Bryant Park inside my computer. The fabulousness! The models! There’s still plentee of time to cook something up for our contest–the deadline for entries is Monday, February 25 at high noon. Remember, the real Project Runway designers usually have one DAY to create their...

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I Am Still Chuckling about Monday

I Am Still Chuckling about Monday - 1

Dear Kay, Happy Valentine’s everybody! Here are some tulips for ya! Sweet Hubbo and the fellas brought me a bookay. Here was the scene on Monday at the downtown Nashville library: I love the fact that nobody could sit still. Lots of looking and comparing and advising. Chattanooga Knitters On The Move Meet (clockwise from bottom) Beth, Sandra, Becky, Cynthia, Honorary Chattanoogan me, and Karen. Road trippers, the lot of them, three...

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