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Glories Stream from Heaven Afar

Glories Stream from Heaven Afar - 1

Dear Kay, It’s Christmas Eve here, a brilliant bright morning, and I am so filled with nostalgia that you would just PYUKE to be having coffee with me this morning. I break out into “The First Noel” with NO NOTICE. I’ve already sneaked an early reading of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. At the rate I’m going, I may bring out the figgy pudding. RUN AWAY! The Barber Shop Closes I can tell you when this nostalgic mood...

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The Crossroads of the Universe

The Crossroads of the Universe - 1

Dear Kay, Oh, sure, you’re up there in the crossroads of the universe, with every Sally, Sissy, and Sue who comes through New York City calling you up for a pint of coffee with ya. Well, Nashville is a crossroads, too, you know. Grant writers LOVE coming to Nashville–the place is just rotten with ’em. Those grant writers just can’t wait until it’s time for an Association of Grant Professionals throwdown–they...

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Cleanup on Aisle 2, a Trip, and Some Shoes

Cleanup on Aisle 2, a Trip, and Some Shoes - 1

Dear Kay, It’s 2:30 in the morning. Small Clif–poignant, brave, wildly barf covered–turned up at my bedside with trash can in hand to announce that he was having a bad night. I am so very awake. Never been so awake. Let’s just leave that vale of Clorox behind for the moment, shall we? We’re going on a little trip. Is that potpourri I smell? Like, six kinds of potpourri at the same time? Is that the sound of a...

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Grand Ole Hair

Grand Ole Hair - 1

Dear Ann, Honeeeeeeey, I’m home! I had a blast in Nashville, as I always do. Nashville is a wonderland. Then again, it doesn’t take all that much to make me happy. One thing I have been pondering about Nashville is: What’s up with the hair? Why is there so much GREAT HAIR in Nashville? I mean, look at Tammy Wynette: Girl had awesome hair. Dolly’s hair? Get OUT! Dolly’s hair mojo is so strong that some of...

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Yarn, Country Music, and Ditching Work

Yarn, Country Music, and Ditching Work - 1

Dear Kay, First things first, becuz the question was raised, and a yarn query trumps anything else as far as I’m concerned. The yarn shown in my last post is Koigu Painter’s Palette Merino, shade P704. It’s knitted on size 1 (2.25 mm) needles. It’s a supercloseup photo. Above is the same yarn photographed farther away. See how different it looks all knitted up? Murky. Not as pretty as in the skein. Ah, whatever. One...

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Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Temporary Nashvillian

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Temporary Nashvillian - 1

Dear Kay, I tried, I really did. I managed to get a plate of fried okra within two feet of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, but she wouldn’t bite. I know she was tempted–two more minutes, and she would have laid aside that avocado and gone for it. She’ll be back. I know, at this very minute, she’s dreaming of fried okra as she finds her way to Lexington, Kentucky. So, it really was a worlds-collide sort of day yesterday, just...

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