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Gone Walkabout

Gone Walkabout - 1

Dear Ann, Where’ve I been? Here, there and everywhere, with frequent virtual visits to Florence, Alabama. This is all the fault of someone I’m supposed to be teaching how to knit, who instead has been luring me into manufacturing an exquisite hand-sewn wardrobe for someone with an entirely different life. But that’s a story for another time; I may be staying in virtual Alabama for a good long while. Easier to say where I...

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Bring in the Cowls

Bring in the Cowls - 1

Dear Ann, Yesterday was a crystalline example of a minor upside of the glaciers melting–60 degrees in NYC on February 1. So I went for a walk on the High Line, and posed for a picture in my personal...

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Ready, Set, Crawl!

Ready, Set, Crawl! - 1

Dear Ann, Guess what? This weekend is the New York City Yarn Crawl! A select bunch of the city’s best yarn shops are flinging open their doors and also hosting drawings for prizes. Visit them all, or visit your favorites, or visit the ones that are out of your zip code. It’s really fun. Today and tomorrow. Enjoy! Details here. Happy...

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Can’t Believe I Missed This

Can't Believe I Missed This - 1

Dear Ann, Hey! I just learned that my very own LYS was featured in the New York Times. A fun story about learning to knit from Maxine Levinson, Knitty City’s teacher-in-residence, complete with slide show, complete with Lenny the Knitty City Dog. Happy Monday! Contest winner announcement soon! Love, Kay P.S. You know how I love the public teevee, but why do we have to endure so much quackery and decrepit doo-wopping during fundraising...

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Day Trip Postcards

Day Trip Postcards - 1

Dear Kay, Remember yesterday? When we had lunch in New York when my friend Susan and I wackily decided to come up for a day trip to see Driving Miss Daisy with Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones? A day trip with a classics professor is probably the most delightful way to travel, and I have to say, Susan was amazing company. It is possible, I found, to talk for twelve hours straight. Not every classics professor raises cattle, cranks Klimt...

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Applaud the Goats Gently

Applaud the Goats Gently - 1

Dear Ann, As venerable co-bloggettes, you and I are as one on certain of Life’s Important Issues and Values. There are countless situations in which I do not have to consult you to know exactly What Would Ann Do. By way of illustration: Situation #1: Brooch Made of Human Hair, vaguely unsettling in appearance, half price, cash only. BUY. IT. Situation #2: Come home on Sunday afternoon to faint whiff of earlier pancakes. OPEN THE...

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