Downtown Owls

Downtown Owls - 1

Dear Ann, You would think Avenue A was the ends of the earth, for how rarely I get there. I go up and down the West Side like it’s nothing. Is there not an L train? Are there no crosstown buses? On Friday I was wandering around the East Village like a tourist, snapping pictures. For a treat, I dropped in to say hi to Rita at Downtown Yarns, and ended up doing something I never do: sitting down and knitting for a couple of hours,...

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The New Purl

The New Purl - 1

Dear Ann, As I headed downtown to inspect Purl’s new digs last weekend, I was a little uneasy. What if the Purl magic was meant to be contained within 2 box-size shops on one of the last “neighborhoody” streets left in Soho? What if it got diluted in more spacious digs on a major shopping street? What if the fabric and yarn weren’t 6 inches from your face? What if you didn’t feel an urgency to get in and get...

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Sweet Liberty

Sweet Liberty - 1

Dear Ann. Wednesday morning, 11 a.m. The line for the Liberty of London for Target pop-up store at Bryant Park was around the block. All female. All caffeinated. Visibly hyperventilating. I had the privilege of spending my 15 minutes of ladylike line-waiting behind this smashing ensemble of orange coat, white Kate Spade bag, skinny jeans and boots. O, to be young and bangin’. I want you to know that I brought NO KNITTING. I needed...

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Busy Day Busy Day

Busy Day Busy Day - 1

Dear Kay, I have to keep it brief because things are superbusy around here. New York, New York! Carrie’s bat mitzvah was amazing, as we all kind of suspected it might be. So proud to see her up there, calmly blasting through the Song of the Sea and some other really involved part that was frankly totally in Hebrew and therefore deeply mysterious. I am certain, however, that she nailed it. She just seemed to have it in hand. Table 5 at the...

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I Hope Someday You’ll Join Us

I Hope Someday You'll Join Us - 1

Dear Ann, Imagine your sweater is too short to cover your hindquarters (It could happen to you) The vet could be laughing at your “belly sweater” (And the vet’s assistant, too) Imagine all the people, LOLing at you! You may say-ay-ay-ay I’m a dreamer You may say I’m barking mad But I bet the Big Lady Who Yells will make it longer And my sweater will be rad! Love, Kay P.S. I’m pretty sure this is not the...

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Stuff I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

Stuff I've Been Meaning to Tell You - 1

Dear Ann, There’s just loads of stuff going on here. For example, Cin won the Wacky Baby Knits contest. Come on down, Cin! Send me your snail mail, and before long, the cute-o-meter of your life is going to be off the charts. In other news, I went to England. Now I’m back. It was kind of a last-minute mission. Of course there was knitting tourism along the way, and even some destination-worthy needlepoint cushions. But more...

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