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I Hope Someday You’ll Join Us

I Hope Someday You'll Join Us - 1

Dear Ann, Imagine your sweater is too short to cover your hindquarters (It could happen to you) The vet could be laughing at your “belly sweater” (And the vet’s assistant, too) Imagine all the people, LOLing at you! You may say-ay-ay-ay I’m a dreamer You may say I’m barking mad But I bet the Big Lady Who Yells will make it longer And my sweater will be rad! Love, Kay P.S. I’m pretty sure this is not the...

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Stuff I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

Stuff I've Been Meaning to Tell You - 1

Dear Ann, There’s just loads of stuff going on here. For example, Cin won the Wacky Baby Knits contest. Come on down, Cin! Send me your snail mail, and before long, the cute-o-meter of your life is going to be off the charts. In other news, I went to England. Now I’m back. It was kind of a last-minute mission. Of course there was knitting tourism along the way, and even some destination-worthy needlepoint cushions. But more...

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Friday Catchup

Friday Catchup - 1

Dear Ann, What fun I had gabbing on the webcam last night about cool stuff I would like to buy on Etsy. The audience “sits” in virtual seats in the virtual auditorium, and they can “clap” and “spin” (which real audiences can’t really do that easily). It tickled me to see that at the beginning, people kept moving around in search of a better seat. Like it mattered, you know? The Etsy auditorium is...

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Where Is Virgil When You Need Him?

Where Is Virgil When You Need Him? - 1

Dear Ann, With apologies to Dante Alighieri, who deserves much better: CANTO III The inscription above the Gate of Hell Abercrombie & Fitch. The Ante-Inferno, where the shades of those who lived without eating carbs and without blame now intermingle with the neutral angels. The River Acheron. Charon. A middle-aged woman’s loss of her senses as the earth trembles. THROUGH ME THE WAY INTO THE CITY WITHOUT FACIAL...

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Instinct Is a Good Designer (and So Is This Guy)

Instinct Is a Good Designer (and So Is This Guy) - 1

Dear Ann, I went into Kaffe Fassett’s talk last night thinking that, being a SuperFan, I pretty much knew what there was to know about The Man and His Work. I came away surprised, and more than anything, inspired. My pictures, however, are anything but inspiring. The light was awful and I was too shy to flash. (Flashing would be impertinent, don’t you think?) Surprises: He doesn’t have an English accent. He still sounds...

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Barefoot (Spinning) in the Park

Barefoot (Spinning) in the Park - 1

Dear Ann, Saturday in the park with Cara was a sweet, sunny, mellow time. Great turnout. Delicious weather. Many wheels. Generous teachers. One stubborn student (me). Like I said, mellow. My daughter’s hands at the wheel, for the first time. Making some twisty, chewy, awesome yarn out of Cara’s BFL. (Start as you mean to continue, messing around with the best materials.) Carrie had stereo teachers. Cara on one side, and...

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